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    Car leasing in BsAs?

    Hi all, anybody knows if/where I can find a car for long term lease? Many thanks. Nik.
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    Job Offer

    I don't think anyone wants to offend anyone else, middle class Argentine or well meaning foreigner. Katharine you know people who live in 300 USD apts... if they are foreigners they must have been very lucky in their search. Apts accessible to foreigners are in their vast majority quite more...
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    Job Offer

    Simon, To my knowledge, 1,000-1,200 pesos is rather the minimum salary. Officially the minimun wage is at present 1,240 pesos. I suppose it also depends on the sector. I know that a car washer, in one specific company, working full time gets 1,440 net per month plus the respective benefits...
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    Good massage (fysiotherapy)

    I know a kinesiologist who offers therapeutic massage in his studio. He is my Power Plate instructor...haven't had a massage by him, because I don't need sth therapeutic. But the short siatsu session he gives me after each class is really good. He also works at the Hospital de Clinicas on...
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    Hey, looking to meet other young expats who are staying awhile

    Hey appalach, I sent you a private message. Cheers. N.
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    Job Offer

    Simon, Not sure how familiar you are with the banking system here; in case you're not, just keep in mind that it is very complicated to wire money to Argentina from abroad. The money will get here, but then you'll have to go through a maze of justifications, and bank statements from abroad, and...
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    Gay in BA?

    Hey everyone, I guess I'm too late for this one, but let me know if there's another gathering. Btw, is there any gay venue in BA where a guy in his late 30s can go by himself without feeling like an alien? Cheers N.
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    Argentina for Gay Expats

    Hi everyone, I am a gay European guy, 38, moving to Buenos Aires next month. I'd like to get in touch with gay people, expats or not, to start making a circle of friends. Many thanks! Nik