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    MercadoLibre account DNI

    Good on you for being a smart investor.
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    MercadoLibre account DNI

    Has OLX got a payment stem like Ebay or Amazon? Yes, I'm very aware of the smaller sites like graigslist & OLX etc, I used to use them too. Again, my point was why not let in Ebay, amazon & the rest (real competition) ?
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    MercadoLibre account DNI

    Well, there are no other options in Argentina apart from facebook marketplace so that's just my point, we could start with letting in Amazon, ebay, Aliexpress etc etc. Maybe a little competition in the market would be healthy I think.
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    MercadoLibre account DNI

    Mercado-Horr-ible is the worst parasitical monopoly ever, they along with their partners in crime the AFIP have strangled e-commerce to death during the lock-downs in Argentina. Spare a thought for the poor staving politicians & all their monopoli$tic mafia friends, they would starve without the...
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    Argentina orders Facebook to suspend WhatsApp data sharing

    Sooner or later, in my humble opinion, the next upcopming app is Telegram. I love signal too but my vote is for Telegram. Telegram is more than equal to whatsapp, it's far superior in many ways for example the ability to totally erase 'sent' messages even days or weeks asfter sending (on the...
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    How to Deal with Some Neighbor Gripes?

    Put a Dog poop Cam on him and post the footage on youtube :cool:
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    "VIP vaccination scandal"

    The Kirchneristas are busy constructing scapegoats while looking to set this up as some type of opposition plot to depose the government. Macri's term in office started with an empty central bank that was in deficit, I forget the exact numbers. I'm not here to defend Macri but it's a good...
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    "VIP vaccination scandal"

    Yes but let's not go blaming Macri now, that's a job for the Kirchneristas.
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    "VIP vaccination scandal"

    I can hear them already: "It's Macri's fault!". "Golpe! de estado!". Hang on to your hats, French revolution incoming, I can feel it ;-).
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    "VIP vaccination scandal"

    Its smells of Cristina K to me, she's carefully removing Alberso's legs of power in time for the next phase - Maximo is meant to take BA province in the coming elections. Maxi/minimo (now president of the BA Peronist party) is Cristina's 'get out of jail' free card...but as usual though, these...
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    Covid Vaccination Argentina So it looks like we just have to give 'em more rope. No need for an opposition.
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    Argentina's President Struggles to Avert Economic Crash

    Cristina is overrated. Don't confuse political power with leadership strength, just put a uni student in front of her and she falls appart. Too many people miss the fact that she rose to power on the corpse of her corrupt hubby. Anyone can be popular while there's plenty of reserve$ in Banco...
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    It’s official Joe Biden becomes the 46 President of the United States.

    It's 'Official' according to the MSM, what will the courts decide?
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    The Mysterious Pipers of Palermo

    I started sharpening my own knives, bought the tools , watched some videos. It's good to learn new skills especially now in the current social distancing environment.
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    Corona Virus May Hit Argentina Hard

    At this stage of the game, I would say even if it's fear mongering, it's plain old common sense. For every case they report, you have to multiply it by at least 10 or even 20x. Don't wait for 'confirmation' from 'official figures' ha ha, you would have to live in fantasy land to believe them...