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    Looking for a room in shared house

    Sara, look at Craigslist - that´s the "go to" spot for room rentals. I just did this whole process over the past 2 weeks, I looked at studios, 1 bedroom and room rentals in a bunch of neighborhoods (San Telmo, Almagro, Abasto, Palermo, Las Cañitas, Centro, etc). Private bedrooms in big shared...
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    Working with Temp Residencia - Potential legal problem - advice needed!

    Hi All, I have a bit of an odd situation that I was hoping to get the forums perspective on since its likely others have gone through my process. I apologize that it´s long.... I´ll give the backstory but my questions essentially are: 1. Can you work legally when you have residencia...
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    Christmas Cookie Exchange?

    Alright, Sunday afternoon at 3ish is the plan. Send me a message so we can coordinate via email. Babies + Kiddos are obviously welcome!!! Viva Galletitas!
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    Christmas Cookie Exchange?

    Ok, let´s try to do Sat afternoon or Sun afternoon - can people please send me Private Message with their contact details to coordinate?? Thanks!!!!
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    Christmas Cookie Exchange?

    I have been in BA for a few years but this is the first time I will be spending the holidays here... Does anyone want to do a Christmas cookie exchange ?? (If you are not familiar with this it is an event where 5-10 people get together and each person brings a half dozen or a dozen of cookies...
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    I am going to start searching the old threads but if anyone has seen them lately let us know!
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    Website for consulting companies FSs?

    Do you mean companies in Argentina? You can download filings here:
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    SAT Tutoring - Advice from teachers?

    Hi Nora, I think you would want to talk to people who have children in schools like Lincoln or St. Andrews ... I am not sure how much demand there would be for something like SAT tutoring because it doesn´t seem like very many Argentines go to college in the US (at least from what I have seen)...
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    Looking to rent a summer apt w/ porteños

    Hi Todd, We will have an open space in our apartment (we are all fluent Spanish Speakers) with an Argentine guy and a Puerto Rican for the summer -- our building has a pool and parillas for asado. Send me a PM for more details! Saludos!
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    Moving Sale - Electronics, Books, Detergent

    Hi, I am interested in your English books --can you send me a PM with more info? Thanks!
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    Where to find baking supplies?

    I brought measuring cups and spoons from the States but I recently found (and purchased) a glass measuring cup at MODERNO BAZAR on Santa Fe. It has BOTH USA and Metric systems. I don´t remember if they had measuring spoons there but they have a lot of kitchen stuff and it´s not very expensive...
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    Going rate for Editing (English)

    I work freelance doing translations but lately I have started to get requests for editing and I don´t have a very good idea about how much to charge. I am editing literary works that are translated from Spanish to English by Argentine writers so there are a lot of things that are translated in...
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    Landlady demands "clean" US bills for deposit

    When I go to pay my rent they photocopy the USD bills in the event they find a counterfeit one ! The first time they did it and I was really confused. I too have had problems with stained or marked bills. We also had trouble once with Ecuadorian dollars which are still USD but sometimes they...
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    Temp Job with NYU in BA (Bilingual, 18-25 years old)

    Specifying age and gender requirements is standard here. The position is posted on all the major Argentine University job boards (UBA, UTDT, San Andrés, UP, UCA, etc).
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    Female Gynecologist

    I think it´s hilarious because it seems all expat women are going to Liliana Rossi!!! I went about a month ago (based on Forum recs, THANK YOU FORUM LADIES!!!) and I am going back today for a followup -- I thought she was fantastic -- she used this camera thing that displays on a television...