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    need advice

    Hi, I got this recommendation from an argie chick (she has loads of extensions). I had my hair dyed, cut, and had 4 extensions put in. The cost was 300 pesos. Here is the website, You don't have to make an appointment, you just rock up and get the next...
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    Which things should I bring when I move from the US?

    Bring as much cash in dollars as possible, or as much as you are comfortable to carry. It comes in very handy for putting down deposits for apartments and paying rent. Wish I'd brought more me'self.... g'luck! :)
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    Accommodation in Salta / Jujuy

    Anybody know of some decent websites to find a house/apartment rental in Salta or Jujuy areas? Not finding much online..... or if anyone reading this owns property around there, we're looking for the month of october - 2 bedrooms, bigger than 600 sq ft, please PM me. thx :)
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    Expats in Mendoza.... anyone out there?

    @mendozanow Thanks for that excellent response. I had a look at that expatmendoza site - pretty hectic stuff. Of course now I am once again the the akward position of having no excuse not to go for a run. Just when I'd managed to kick my BsAs exercise habit too. I'll send you a PM and maybe...
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    Expats in Mendoza.... anyone out there?

    @johnst I'll promise to keep your secret safe. Of course, in reality, being mugged isn't really all that bad. It was a great chance for me to practice my Spanish but alas negotiating with ladies of the night is still beyond my reach. I love crime and feel so at home here. Mendoza is every...
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    Reasonable salary for sr IT in Cap Fed

    Hey there We moved down a couple of months ago from Dublin and we were also a little anxious about what it would really cost to live. As a rule of thumb I'd say its about a third as expensive as Dublin if you'd like to maintain a similar lifestyle. I wrote up a summary of our first months...
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    Expats in Mendoza.... anyone out there?

    Any expat groups / meet-ups/book-exchanges/wine tasting clubs/ running clubs/conversation exchanges/ asados/etc etc in mendoza happening? We just got here, and Mendoza rocks! Would be great to meet some folk... Be happy to organise something if people were interested... asado or book...
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    Rec. for Doctor and Dentist.

    Hi Guys There was no response to this thread bit I'm also looking for an English speaking doctor. Any recommendations? J
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    argh... visa overstay experience

    On that bureaucratic note - I have a question and would really appreciate advice form someone who has done this. I need to renew my 3 month tourist visa in october, but won't be anywhere near a border then. Could I renew it in september by going to uruguay? Like - even though my old visa...
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    Anyone know good bike&wine trips?

    Hi everyone, My folks are coming to visit in October and I'd like to take them on a few days bike & wine trip - when you cycle between wine farms, etc etc. Anyone have any recommendations? The more adventurous the better, and the old folks are very fit. It can be a few days long also. Much...
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    Running Buddies Wanted

    Hey Darragh - Excellent news. In typical fashion I haven't managed to get out for a run once since posting this originally. I'll DM you my contact details and we can sort something out. J
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    eh hello?

    hi everyone, Me and my handsome irish lad, James, have just moved over from Ireland (I'm south african). We're computer and advertising geeks and are trying to find out if we can run our web business ( from Argentina. Please god, because we love it here! Just thought I'd say...
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    Lost Bank Card.

    I got caught out a few years ago in Uganda without a working card. Visa were able to MoneyGram money down to me which I picked up. It was a bit of a hassle but they'll do it in an emergency. If you do have Visa or credit card give them a call and see if they can help.
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    Running Buddies Wanted

    Hey Liam Thanks for the links. My Spanish is pretty basic right now but I get the jiste of the website. It looks like there is a lot of running activity going on. I have excuse not to train now ;( Good luck with the Dublin marathon. My only advice is that its a helluva uphill from...
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    ExPat Book Exchange - This weekend?

    I'd be interested in a book exchange.... eh, but I only have one book to exchange! Keep me posted. Priscilla