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    Burgers this Sunday (Nov. 15)?

    missed the last one and heard great things, so count me in for this weekend. cheers!
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    Tigre day trip this weekend

    good point...showers right on the weekend. lord why does thou spite me! perhaps things will change closer to the date. i'm open to any other suggestions if people are interested in a gathering.
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    Tigre day trip this weekend

    Anybody up for a daytrip to Tigre/The Delta this weekend? We could get a group of expats together for lunch and a boat trip maybe?
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    La Bomba De Tiempo Monday Night

    Anybody interested in going to see La Bomba De Tiempo this evening? Late notice but the show is highly regarded and need to cross another item off my 'things to do in BA' list before I leave. Address is Sarmiento 3131 at the Cultural Konex - and the show starts around 8/9. url posts seem to...
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    free this week...?

    katie...i;m heading to the malba in the afternoon which is free on wednesdays. around 4:30 if you want to come along
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    Lunch and/or Dinner next week?

    The world cup Arg vs Urg is on Wednesday 7pm - if people are interested maybe we could meet at a bar and watch the game before getting dinner?
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    Health insurance in BA for a US citizen

    Lee...How much did the hospital visit end up costing?
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    Ticket for football match ARGENTINA VS. PERU

    anybody got a recommendation for a bar around recoleta with big screens to watch the game?
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    Lunch and/or Dinner next week?

    count me in
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    Counterfeit Bills and Magic Mustard on Your Head

    rather sheepishly raising my hand to be taken with this scam as well. the taxi driver that got me took a genuine 100, did a swap with a fake and then said i had given him bad money. it was only when i got home did i realise what had happened as the 100 had come from the bank and was almost...
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    Online Subte Map

    i'd be lost without my guia-t which you can get at any kiosko and has all the collectivo and subte maps.
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    Hola BA - New in town!

    i'm a mid 20's recent arrival from australia with limited spanish and staying in recoleta. happy to catch up - missed the last meetup so looking forward to meet others in similar circumstances.
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    Power socket same as Australia?

    Can any Aussies confirm if the Argentinian power socket is the same as Australian? The socket looks the same, however one website mentioned that the pins may be different and I don't want to end up frying my laptop. Many thanks.
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    Paying rent in dollars

    i've used paypal with success...
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    Accessing your cash in BA

    Do ATM machines offer Visa cash withdraw? I'm from Australia where ANZ bank offer a Visa travel card which has a flat rate $2.20USD withdraw fee. Otherwise will I have to get a cirrus network debit card to access cash from an ATM? Any advice from Aussie expats would be appreciated.