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    Books on Argentina

    Sergio, The extreme leftist attitude that you speak of prevails among large parts of the Argentine populace. It seems the extreme left-wing academics have many followers. Yes Anti-americanism is also present in other countries (though not all, mind you). But still, I find Argentines to be much...
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    Books on Argentina

    PK, Americans visiting or living here are unlikely to be targets of personal attacks. Argentines are not going to attack you just because you're American. What I'm saying here is Argentines hate Americans AS A WHOLE. Most of the time they'll make a distinction between the American people...
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    Books on Argentina

    Maybe you're right
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    Books on Argentina

    Argentines are brainwashed from an early age to hate Americans. And from what I see, the brainwash is pretty effective... The locals believe everything that the media and the left tell them. So obviously, they are going to be anti-american. Why do you think so many Argentines celebrated...
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    Argentine women

    hey there I'm a 25 year old male from the Czech Republic. I've lived in Buenos Aires for 2 years now. The whole process of moving to another country, fitting in, etc can sometimes be an adventure or a real pain in the a** if you know what I mean... I'm trying to adapt to the local culture but...
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    Any body been to Chile?

    What do you mean?