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    Re: Place that buys books?

    I tried there. They only trade 'popular' fiction. I did get rid of some but have about 50 or so books left.
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    Visiting Argentina during the winter

    You should also go to Iguazu Falls while you are here. With 6 people you could easily rent a large car and drive up, stopping on the way. The drive is not bad - About 14 hours straight through. By bus I think it is about 18 or 19 hours. You can do a Zip line through the Jungle with a small...
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    San Telmo

    San Telmo has more of an old world vibe than I feel in other areas of the city. The buildings are generally older and there are really no high rise apartment blocks here. Food shopping is mostly smaller markets as there is no big chain in San Telmo. It is not that far to one of the...
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    English Bookstores

    Christopholous - There is a great English bookstore on Paraguay between Talcahauno and Paraguay. It is across the street from the Howard Johnsons hotel. They have a great selection of Classical Lit as well as Popular fiction.