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    ATM withdrawals/fees, again

    Wish I would have known about Charles and Schwabb.I opened a Citi account just prior to moving down and closed it on my first trip home. What a shitty bank.I kept my long historic account with Bank of America who charges some pretty stupid fees, but I've never had a problem withdrawing at least...
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    Maid available for hire.

    Not sure where to put this, so I'll try in this section. I am moving out of my house. My maid, who has proven honest and reliable over the past 12 months is available for hire. She is willing to work in the city as well as San Isidro or further North into Pilar area. I have been paying her $850...
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    buttermilk pancake batter or waffle mix

    I bring back COSCO sized pancake mix everytime I come back.Tell you what though, make sure you post when you start opening for B'fast and I'll be there on the weekends! Good luck, and lut us know if you find the stuff.
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    Any-one up for horse riding lessons?

    I've done zero research on this, and haven't called anywhere. I have not clue what it would cost.
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    Country & Western / Bluegrass Band @ Casa Bar Friday 11 July

    Is this place in Martinez? Does it have a big Guiness sign?
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    Any-one up for horse riding lessons?

    Chilchicken, I would be very interested. I am an Expat from the US living in BA now. I too rode as a child and have lessons on my to do list while here.pheobo12 at Daniel