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    Welcome back to BsAs! I have a number of friends down here who are also involved in fashion/art in BA. If you'd like to meet some people tonight, a good friend of mine is having a party which you'd be more than welcome to attend. Send me an email at boufford at gmail dot com or give me a ring...
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    Expat from Norway

    I'm a 25 yr old programmer, I've been making most of my money via the internet--best way to live/travel. If you'd ever care to meet up with my friends and I for a few beers, email me: boufford at gmail dot com. -Mike
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    Magazines in English

    The Palermo restaurant "Central" has an enormous selection of english magazines to read there. It's also a great place to get some awesome food (especially their lunch specials). Anyway, I dig it.
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    Looking for Roomate starting Dec. 3rd. Amazing Renovated Apartment! Double Bed / private bathroom.

    Hey Tanner,This sounds just about perfect for me. I'm a 25 yr old software engineer from Boston working remotely for the next half a year or so in BA. I'd love to come by and check the place out! I work from home, so I'm around pretty much any time of day. My number is (15) 6173-8761. Talk...
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    Camping around Bs. As.

    Thanks for the suggestion Bill, but I think that's a little further out of town than I was thinking. I'd like to go somewhere within 3 hrs drive or so of the capital for a weekend trip. Anyone have any other ideas?
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    Camping around Bs. As.

    Hey All, After 35 straight nights of nearly starless skies, I am getting a serious itch to get out of town for a night! Does anybody know of any cool campgrounds outside of the city? I am looking for a place where I can fulfill my primal need to make and tend to my own fire. On a related note...
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    New arrival -- anyone wanna meet for dinner/drink?

    A todos,I'm a 25 yr old guy from Boston. I just got into Baires this afternoon (staying until January) and am looking to make some friends. If anyone would be interested in meeting up for dinner/drinks. Let me know. My email address is boufford at gmail dot com See ya,Mike
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    Gym in Palermo

    "you girls have not even got here and you are checking out which gym you are going to join!" Worth clarifying for future posts: I am a guy :)And last time I lived in Buenos Aires (for 7 months) I didn't go to the gym and suffered the consequences.
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    Gym in Palermo

    Hi guys,I'll be moving to Buenos Aires (Palermo/Botanico) on September 14th and am trying to figure out if there is a gym in/near Botanico that I could join for the 5 months that I'm down there. Any ideas?-PocketProtector