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    Local Salary - bad idea?

    I made about 15% here compared to what I made in the states before I moved down. If I hadn't saved money it would have been really hard to live off of my Argentina salary. That being said, if you can find a salary along the lines of what SaraSara mentioned, you'd be living the high life.
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    Fridge for Sale

    I have an Electrolux DC35 Fridge with Super Freezer for sale - paid $2600 and selling for $1800. Details are here. I also have a entertainment center/TV stand - similiar to this one - for $200
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    tax on world wide income

    The US taxes citizens on their world-wide income, but I believe the first $85,000 of foreign-earned income isn't taxed. Someone else might have a more definitive answer.
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    unless it's something very new - I had a friend visiting from the states a few weeks ago and he made the trip in the afternoon. It would be laughable for the country to force tourists to stay in uruguay overnight.
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    Things for Sale

    In case anyone is still interested, the TV, bed and coffee table/puffs have been sold as have the mac n cheese and PB. Still remaining: Electrolux DC35 with Super Freezer - available at Fravega here for $2649 - $2000 Entertainment center/TV Stand - this one - $250 Futon I also have a pair...
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    Things for Sale

    I'm in Palermo close to the embassy - oro y cerviño
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    Things for Sale

    and for anyone looking for a taste of the States: - 10 boxes of Kraft Mac 'n Cheese "The Cheesiest" - 1 jar of JIF PB Extra Crunchy I'll add as I think of other things...
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    Things for Sale

    Hi all, I'm moving back to the states in about a month and will be selling all of my stuff. While I'm hoping to sell some things to the next renter, I thought I'd see if anything had any interest here. Electrolux DC35 with Super Freezer - available at Fravega here for $2649 - $2000 Noblex...
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    even higher ATM fees

    Charles Schwab refunds all ATM fees, no questions asked. I opened an account from here without a problem, picked up my ATM card while in the States and have never had a problem.
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    Fishing in Bariloche

    Does anyone have any experience fly fishing in bariloche? If you do and you have an outfit or guide that you'd recommend for a morning or afternoon of fishing, please pass their contact info. Thanks!
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    Info for U.S. Citizens

    ditto - new pages in the passport is a free service provided to you by the US of A - I did it last June and it was free. $82 is hilarious.
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    duty free

    Customs is hit or miss. I've been here 18 months and never declared anything. But I have friends that returned for a holiday in the states and came back with a brand new macbook pro and unfortunately were stopped. They had to pay 50% import duty. I'm a resident now (as was he) so it might be...
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    Good Conduct and FBI Report

    You should just need an FBI Record Request (actually it'll be a stamp showing you have no record) whose stamp date is greater than the last date you've been in the States. If you haven't been in the States for the past 5 years, you can just send the FBI request from here and you'll be ok. I've...
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    No Reciprocity Fee exiting EZE

    The exit tax could already be included in your ticket. If it is not, the last time I had to pay it it was $18 USD.
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    Can the following be found in BA?

    If you drink high-end liquor you might buy a bottle at Duty Free. Anything imported into Argentina is going to be much more expensive than you are used to.