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    Local Salary - bad idea?

    I am a repat Argie and I agree with Sara's figures. I know of a few Argie friends who have those types of income. There is a wide range, though... One should look at it case by case... Person #1, 30-year-old, economics college degree, earning $10,000/month at the national version of the IRS. He...
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    Looking for teapot warmer

    Hi Ashley, Sounds like a great solution!! I used to have a nice teapot warmer and would really like to get a new one here, especially now for the Fall!!! :) Thank you for your answer!
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    Looking for teapot warmer

    Hi, I am looking for a teapot warmer, those that are most commonly seen in Germany, but also sold in the US in some areas. Has anybody seen one at a shop here in BA? Thanks a lot!
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    Conversation group: Come meet a native

    I'm interested in the German-language group... do you meet every Monday at 7 pm?
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    American driver's license:how to renew

    Hi, I wonder if there is a way to renew my California driver's license from Argentina, through the mail or the US Consulate, I guess... has anybody done this? Or there is no way but to be in the US? Thank you!!
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    International moving companies: need recommendations

    Thanks a lot again! I am posting the follow-up in case it can be helpful to someone in the future: I called them up and it is indeed more expensive to send the stuff through them than to pay the extra weight charge with the airline, as I have too little stuff (well, compared to moving a whole...
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    International moving companies: need recommendations

    And I am interested in only door-to-door service, so that they take care of all the paperwork, especially on the Bs.As. side...
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    International moving companies: need recommendations

    Hello! I am organizing my move from California to Buenos Aires in the upcoming weeks and I would like to know about any affordable, reliable international moving companies that people on this forum (particularly, folks coming here from the US) have used. I am an Argentine repat and am bringing...
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    How tough is it to go and live in the USA

    I also agree with most of the posters here. I am a Ph.D. in ed student in California and a US naturalized citizen. I am also an Arg repat. Several of my classmates have arrived at the university with a student visa and, some of them, have met their US husbands or wives once they were there. You...
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    Would anyone be interested in a fiction writers group?

    Please keep me posted, too. I am working on my Ph.D. (in education&linguistics) qualifying exam papers and, later this year, on my thesis, so I will also enjoy talking with other people about my writing (for clarity purposes, mainly; you do not have to understand the topics per se...). If there...
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    Overstay fine at Ezeiza

    Hola Sara, I hope all works out well for you!!!! :) I had a similar situation, but was told by the Ezeiza guys that I had to pay a fine if I wanted to leave the country with my US passport, after having entered it with my Arg. one. My Arg. passport had expired in the meantime... I think the fine...
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    Kagyu Tekchen Choling Buddhist Centre

    Hi! I'd like to know if anybody on this site attends this Buddhist center on a regular basis. It's in Belgrano. Thanks a lot!!
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    Chai tea?

    I used to buy a lot of Peet's Masala Chai tea in the US. If it helps, the ingredients listed on the tea box are: 1. Broken Orange Pekoe tea from India, but other black teas may do as well 2. cinnamon = canela 3. ginger = gengibre 4. cardamom = cardamomo 5. cloves = clavos de olor 6. pepper =...
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    Moving back to Argentina: Customs' question

    Thank you!! I had no clue about this certificate. This sounds like the ideal solution. I will check with the Los Angeles consulate!
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    Moving back to Argentina: Customs' question

    Oh, what great news!! One question: you have not lived here for more than 3 months the year before, right? Because, when I had to renew my Arg passport last December, they told me that I was now considered an Arg resident again due to having been here for more than 3 months... this made me think...