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    Need Videoographer

    Hello expat community, I own an apartment in BA and want to shoot video about the city and it's poeple. Need a communicative person that doesn't mind video blogging. It's fast simple and only requires a fun easy going person that isn't shy. Would love to talk to you. I leave on Wednesday...
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    Does any one know of a Gym close to or in Recoleta that has a lap Pool?

    I know there is a gym that's close by to Sante fe and Azcuenaga but I don't know of they would have a lap pool. Can anyone advise? Thanks! Reuben
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    Beginner Drawing Lessons wanted ( anyone know of a place?)

    Hello, Just wanted to see if any one had any idea where to get drawing lessons close to Recoleta. Any help would be appreciated. Reuben
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    Is the Argentine Economy Going to Collapse?

    I don't quite get the relationship of this statement to anything we've discussed. I think it's way off base. The crux of our conversation was bias and reliability of a newspaper/magazine Not whether or not military might by and between two nations has any relevance. This makes me want to ask...
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    Is the Argentine Economy Going to Collapse?

    I appreciate your opinion concerning the Economist but I think many would disagree with you concering it's reliability and bias. Approximately 1.1 million readers world wide, who on average, have 4+ year degrees subscribe to the Magazine which has mostly all UK writers. It's not (in my...
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    Is the Argentine Economy Going to Collapse?

    Hey 2GuysInPM... I wanted to thank you for your post on PM. It was nice to see a balanced and accepting review of other people's not so nice postings on your hood. I think you handled that exrememly well.
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    Is the Argentine Economy Going to Collapse?

    It's funny to me how the context of the orginal message has been lost with the mention of Nacha. I'm an avid reader of the Economist as well as other reliable sources of news worthy outlets. Most economists say that Argentina is listed as one of the countries most "likey" to fail because of...
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    Any advice for newcomers?

    Hey there...I live part time in BsAs and Part time in Los Angeles. The best advice I can give you is first financial planning. If you have any assets in the States, do not apply for full time residency because Argentina has a world wide tax on all assets you own- could get messy and from what...
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    retirement salary

    I agree with Stanexpat. This post is probably bogus. If it's not....I would say you're pompus! I don't recommend your living in BA. You'll never get along with the people. Try UGANDA your 6k a month will go very far there and you can probably open your own bank.
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    Healthcare in S America

    Thanks Steve, I appreciate your getting back to me. I'll look into the company you mentioned. Thanks Reuben
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    Healthcare in S America

    Hi my nae is Reuben and I'm new to this group. My partner and I are planning on moving part time to S America and wanted to get some advice form the pro's concerning healthcare. Our questions are: Costs? Who is the best provider? Is there someone we can contact that speaks english to...