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    Shipping vitamins/supplements into Argentina

    Hi, I'm a traveler from California, looking to have some supplements shipped from my naturopath back home. They are non-prescription, essentially just high-grade vitamins and herbs. I've been looking into this and it sounds like I have to get some sort of form from the health ministry to get...
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    Office sharing/ Coworking?

    I'm a traveling software developer and I've been working at both Areatres and Urban Station. Urban Station has a very nice space, modern and classy. There you can drop in and work á la carte and their rates are very reasonable. You can pay by they hour or day. They were the first coworking...
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    Vitamins: A store like GNC?

    Hi EvergreenGal, What method do you use to ship your supplements in? What carrier? I'm looking to ship myself some supplements from the US, and I'm worried about having to pay 50% import duties and go to Retiro Post Office or EZE to pick it up. Since it sounds like you've done this a few...