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    Forgot to also mention that over here unlike BA people are very lax with their business hours. Alot of places close at 1pm to 5pm because everyone is on the beach. La Criolla, I found out, changes their business hours sometimes according to how hot the day is...which is annoying. This goes for...
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    I've been getting a few PM's so here is a little more info about Miramar for everyone: In regards to hotels/hostels, I'll be honest. I only know where some of the nicest/most expensive ones are because I drive past them. I've never actually stayed in any. Here is a link to a list of the...
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    How to find a job??

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    How to find a job??

    A pretty good Argentina job search site: (It is in spanish though - if you open up an online spanish/english dictionary to translate words you can work around that. ) I found alot of .e.g. Graphic Design jobs list their 'Idioma' as 'Ingles' Heres an example. Look...
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    Hi Julia. I've lived in Pinamar and am currently living in Miramar which is a 30 minute drive from Mar del Plata. Pinamar is really beautiful! But more expensive than other coastal towns, It's full of beautiful upper class vacation homes, recently the mayor blew a bunch of money on new roads...
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    Curious, smoke detectors, fire sprinklers in buildings ?

    Thanks for the useful/ informative replies. In my apartment in Canada I could never burn a toast because of the sensitive smoke detectors and the fire alarm was so terrible people would be out of that big building in minutes. In regards to BA I guess accidents do happen, read below...
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    Curious, smoke detectors, fire sprinklers in buildings ?

    I was having a discussion with my neighbour the other day. When I told her my father used to install fire sprinkler systems in huge office buildings she was facinated, never heard of such a thing. Turns out shes not the only one. So just curious to know if any apartment buildings that anyone...
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    Magazines in English..where???

    I have found a few managizine stalls in Retiro that sell english magazines, for example vogue, cosmopolitain and time. But they are not usually the latest issues and you'll pay 30 to 50 pesos for an issues depending.
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    danger in Recoleta/Barrio Norte

    Just to add my two cents on crime...and rape in particular. Now I'm not living in Buenos Aires but I plan to move there early next year. Since coming here I have been warned again...and again...and then again two days ago that I must be careful with the taxis! I was told its safer to take the...
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    Tai Chi in Argentina

    Hahahaha...OMG..thanks for that, my dose of laughter for the day.
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    Aaaaargggghhhh! (Oh no!)

    Just a suggestion. What about trying the tourism sector? Though that might involve relocation depending. I know a couple of months ago I saw ads in the newspaper for English tourist guides...umm...trying to remember where, if I find any info I'll pass it along. Here in Miramar Ive been asked...
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    Hello Everybody, i am new here!!

    Hi Violeta welcome to the forum. You'll find lots of great info here and people! How long are your studies in Argentina?
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    Futbal confusion

    Argentinians take football very...very seriously. Players are seen a role models here. Diego back in the day was Argentinas shinning star...then he became more and more addicted to cocaine and alcahole which landed him in hospital and rehab quite a few times ( and helped end his soccer career...
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    three prong plug

    Oh ya your right I was thinking of the two pin. My dvd player has a two pin and it has a serious charge running through it, I think I'll invest in a 3 pin for it.