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    For Sale Home Office Desks and Chairs

    Hi Celeste Could I buy one of the office chairs please?? Please PM me with details.. Thanks Robert
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    Regulation of Financial Advice in Argentina

    Does anybody have any information on this subject - or can you show me where to look.. Thanks
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    Long term friends?

    Hi Katie and Alice I am from the UK and live here permanently too and know how you feel! Send me a private message if you would like to meet up!
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    Expat lunch in Belgrano - Tuesday Sept 8 -1PM

    and another!
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    Cat lovers Animal lovers Mascota lovers

    Good on you Evan. Can't believe how harsh they can be. We would be really keen to take her off your hands but need to check that we are allowed a cat in our flat first! Will keep you updated
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    Poker night anyone?

    Yep, I'm in, in fact I call you all - where and when shall we play the game!??
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    Long Term Rental

    I saw your post and agree with AliAlex, it is practically impossible to find anywhere with two bedroom in these areas. The reason I say this is because we have been looking for the same thing. We are going to be living in BA permanently and found it very difficult to find anything half decent...
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    Taking the plunge - New to Bs As

    Hi Daniela I am 28 and from the UK. I am moving to BA in two weeks to start a new job. I am moving with my husband but who won't be joining me for a while due to work commitments back in the UK. Would love to arrange something when I am around if you are up for it. Will be in touch. Cheers
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    Couple looking for a 2br

    Hi I am looking for an apartment in Belgrano. What are you offering? How many bedrooms and of course how much does it cost?
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    Hoping to Make Some Female Friends

    Hi everybody I am starting a job in BA at a school but I am actually not arriving for another three weeks. Maybe I could join you next time you meet up? I would be keen to meet some of you for some drinks and food. Keep me posted By the way I am from the UK and 28! Saskia
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    Are you looking for a nice 1bdr at 700us$ x month?

    HI I would be interested in finding out more. Could you please send me some pictures.
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    Radiohead tickets

    My husband and I were suppose to go to see Radiohead but looks like I will be going on my own as he won't be in BA at the time. I have a ticket to sell and hope to meet up with some people before the concert. Let me know about going as a group and buying the ticket if anybody is interested.
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    Argentine visas

    Could anybody tell me if anything has changed in terms of tourist visas for UK passport holder. Can you still stay for 3 months and then leave for Uruguay and come back. Can you keep doing this indefently? Myself and my husband are moving to BA in a couple of weeks. I have a job starting there...
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    Looking for house share in Belgrano

    Hi I am moving to Buenos Aires in a matter of weeks to start a new job and was wondering if anyone knew of any shared apartments going in the Belgrano area? Thanks
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    Regular games of football...?

    Hi Si, I would be up for joining a 5 a side team or something as well, maybe we can put one together ourselves_? Rob