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    Financial Analysis Blog

    I know this is the politics forum, but this is a blog of a financial advisor that I've been reading over the last year or so. Since economic policy quickly becomes a part of any political discussion, I thought this would be the perfect place to link to his blog. I was surprised by the number...
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    Expat Meetup: Sunday Merienda

    Absolutely! Really enjoyed meeting everyone last night. Gotta do it again! And again, kudos to the organizers. -Razorback
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    Expat Meetup: Sunday Merienda

    Hey everyone, I just saw this link posted in another link. I'm fresh off the boat as of two weeks ago, and am looking to meet some people. If it isn't too late to respond, I'd love to catch up with ya'll tomorrow afternoon. I guess all the details are there, so if invitations are still open...
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    new kid on the block

    Hey everyone, Throw my hat into that ring. I'm fresh here as of two weeks ago. I'm thinking about replying to get-together KatharineAnn mentioned above as well, but since this thread is to all the really really newbies, I figured I would stick my name out here too. I'd love to meet for...
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    GTKFE: What best describes your political views?

    The thing that really screws with my head is that I'm a classical liberal, which means that I'm a strict fiscal conservative with libertarian leanings. Since "classical" liberalism is difficult to explain in passing, I just say libertarian or fiscal conservative. And SteveBsAs, I agree...
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    Anyone for practising Spanish/Port and exploring Baires?

    Kristen, I'm a American that arrived yesterday and would like to meet other internationals. Send me a private message with a way to contact you.
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    Whatever happened to the Obama sycophants?

    Maybe because this is the "World Politics" thread? I'd be glad to talk about how the Rockets might actually make it out of the first round without Mcgrady, after trading their point guard to Orlando, and behind an underrated porteno power forward Scola. Unfortulately, the politics forum isn't...
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    Whatever happened to the Obama sycophants?

    I agree with that very much. Ever since Adam Smith introduced his theory of the invisible hand, the world has been enlightened to the marvelous mass symphony of mankind known as the "marketplace." All of the Libertarian based (Classical Liberal, to be exact) economists of the world - from the...
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    Wanting to teach English

    That's the vibe I'm getting where I've done my research. Can anyone tell me a good online TESOL/TEFL course specifically. I think that's my biggest hurdle to cross. Too much snake oil for sale on the internet to just buy the first google hit.
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    Wanting to teach English

    Hello all! I'm an American who graduated college in May of 2008 and am now looking for a little something different. I've been thinking of making the big move for about 3 months now and have decided that Buenos Aires is where I will be soon (the sooner the better). Teaching English seems like...