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    Viloence against women

    remember that plastic surgery is a popular way of battling physical imperfection and aging in argentina-a nose or chin job or a face lift can make a person look like s/he's been smacked in the face for a few days. argentine women tend not to worry about the stigma of plastic surgery and wear...
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    Living in Buenos Aires versus Santiago - pros and cons

    i just sent you a private note-on the left hand side there's a link that says 'my notes' where you'll see it. for food, you can get very decent peruvian food, ok thai food, pretty decent mexican food, excellent italian food, excellent french food and truly disgusting chinese food in vina and...
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    Living in Buenos Aires versus Santiago - pros and cons

    with regards to the transport system in was all completely and totally fcuked up by the Transanfiasco back in february. the metro came off worst as no one knows the new bus routes and so they all take the metro. around 10 people have died as a result of metro over-crowding in the...
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    Living in Buenos Aires versus Santiago - pros and cons

    jeje, i love this...santiago or buenos aires...the answer is always, always, always buenos aires no matter how bad the economy gets, no matter how expensive it gets...always BA. Santiago is a smoggy, culturally challenged pit filled with aggressive muppets who don't know how to behave in public...
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    What are the best job options to make enough money to stay in BA?

    well, i don't post much here these days as i left argentina for chile in february..,but i like keeping up with the bickering on this's fun way to start the day :) as for quality, the only argentine brand that has consistently lasted the distance for me has been kosiuku jeans. i wear...
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    Y yo prefiero que tomes clases de español. Preferir is a verb that suggests desire or mood and therefore takes the subjunctive. Cuanto llevas en Argentina?
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    Why do you live in Argentina?

    Thanks for your comment Tatan. Please feel free to leave your bubble and come visit me in Valparaiso anytime you like.
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    Why do you live in Argentina?

    Buenos Aires is like an extra-marital affair with a sexy seductress. You know it's going to end in tears but you just can't help yourself.
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    Real Estate Tax

    It's not actually a real estate tax, it's an asset tax on all your assets in Argentina-this includes real estate and also things like cars and boats-and it's something all Argentines and foreigners should be paying. Many Argentines don't bother or just don't know it exists. Foreigners pay a flat...
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    Any body been to Chile?

    I now live in Chile after almost 3 years in BA. It's a little more expensive but due to inflation in Argentina the gap is closing fast. Chile's probably about 10-20% more expensive these days. 3-4 Years ago it was around 50-75% more. Real estate is around the same price in Chile, sometimes...
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    The economic future from Argentina

    PK, buy all the materials now but keep a very, very detailed inventory of every single little thing you have bought, you use and what you should have left. Theft by workers on building sites is very common (and in no way is it unique to Argentina). Do this yourself and do not trust your...
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    Getting MY CDI Number

    unless the rules have changed in the past 7 months then you have to have legal residency with a DNI to transfer money into your argentine bank account. You can have an account as a non-resident but can't transfer more than us$5k into it. If you're not a legal resident then try Banco Piano. They...
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    telefonica strike

    Do you not have cable TV in the flat? If you do you should be able to get internet via the same service provider (cablevision etc). or follow danc's advice and find a wifi cafe.
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    These prices are killing me

    What attracted many expats to Argentina in the first place was the price. After all, when BA was as expensive as most European cities in the 90s, no one went to Argentina. I would expect the same to happen again if inflation and/or the exchange rate make BA that expensive again. Flights are...
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    These prices are killing me

    That's a really good point that i completely agree with. Over here in Chile, around 60% of the country's exports are based on the extraction of copper, other metals and minerals. It's highly lucrative. Argentina has vast metal and mineral reserves, especially in the north west but a complete...