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    it's official. borders open November 1

    I'm not sure it's a good idea, from a public health perspective, but I can understand the urgent economic necessity.
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    Western Union money transfer

    192 is crazy Oh, and I have never heard the term "flat white" outside these forums. I bought a small cafe con leche and three surprisingly decent medialunas for 150 pesos in Villa Urquiza this morning. The girl was asking me what size I wanted, so she held up the small cup and asked "el...
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    Exchanging money while visiting Buenos Aires

    Well then, in that case they have obviously improved. They never asked you for a bank statement?
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    Exchanging money while visiting Buenos Aires

    I quit using Xoom three years ago, and perhaps they have improved since then, but my experiences were uniformly negative. They demanded all sorts of paperwork, including bank statements, and they imposed a 3-day delay. With WU, I can do the transaction on my PC and then walk to the office and...
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    Make way for the shantytown liberals

    James Neilson has a truly impressive ability to be utterly clueless about Argentina despite having lived here for decades. The last thing we need is more of that vile Austrian School nonsense. And pointing out that "Margaret Thatcher was very fond of Hayek’s viewpoints" isn't exactly going to...
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    Exchanging money while visiting Buenos Aires

    Western Union is the way to go. I suggest you begin at the webpage and initiate the transaction from there. Just don't try to go to a small branch office. Visit the main downtown office at Cordoba and Montevideo.Try to get there before 10:30am on a...
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    PASO Election Results

    In the picture at the top of the article, if you look carefully at the three guys at the head table, the one on the right, with his hand up to his mouth, isn't wearing a mask.
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    PASO Election Results

    The operative words here are "accused" and "allegedly". These are the words of the media smear campaigns which are such a vital part of the "golpe blando" which has been so successfully practiced across Latin America these last 7 years or so.
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    AR Federal budget 2022 shows the dollar at...

    Yes, Steve, the number you cited is the current official rate. But this is next year's budget prediction, and they are basing their calculations on an projected official rate of 135 to the dollar. This means the Blue rate will go well over 200, and the sky is the limit. We could see 250 or 275...
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    AR Federal budget 2022 shows the dollar at...

    When I saw 135, I thought, "wow, they are super optimistic about driving down the Blue..." But that's not the Blue, that's the official rate. Still, I wasn't entirely wrong; there are some wildly optimistic numbers in this budget.
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    PASO Election Results

    Now, here's a shocker. Apparently FiT got 23% of the vote in Jujuy, thanks to Gerardo Morales being such a !&*%(^# I guess sometimes an ultra-conservative HDP is the best campaigner for Socialism.
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    PASO Election Results
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    PASO Election Results

    Yup, it was a setback alright. Even Pagina12 admits it. I have read that mid-term results here are generally the opposite of in the USA. In the States, it is normal for the President's party to do...
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    Vidal buys half-million dollar condo in Recoleta's "La Isla" luxury zone.

    Of course the numbers don't add up, that is why she desperately tried deflecting the issue to Cristina's finances and the phony "armado" charges against her. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." I'm not surprised that Vidal is corrupt; she is a politician, after all. I am just...
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    Argentines apathetic as Peronists face midterm test

    I'm pretty sure the hardcore peronchos, the party faithful, will always show up to vote for Cristina. And, of course, the the Socialist Front with their glorious 4% of the popular vote, will come out to vote FiT. Aside from that, who knows? But I do severely doubt that either Reuters or JP...