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    Where To Buy A Computer

    OK, but why are you in such a hurry to embrace Win 11? Having run most versions of Windows since 3.11, I can testify to the fact that most new Win versions have been a pain in the ass for the first 18-24 months. Why not wait and let them work the bugs out of it at somebody else's expense...
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    What's it like in Argentina these days?

    Bro, you lost me as soon as you used the word "commie". Especially given you just created your account yesterday. Just go away.
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    What's it like in Argentina these days?

    I spent some time in Africa in the late 70's, and also briefly passed through Beirut, during a lull in the civil war. Argentina is nowhere near that bad. But, frankly, if you are dismayed by what we have written, then perhaps it is best if you stay at home in the USA. Argentina is not for the...
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    Argentina's inflation makes the NY Times front page

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Argentina is like non-Euclidean geometry - the rules are just different. If you don't live here, you can't possibly understand.
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    How to dial Argentina phone number

    54 is the country code 11 or 15 is the area code The number itself is usually 8 digits, but there are some very old numbers that still have 7 digits, from before the conversion. When calling an AR cell phone from outside the country, you need a 9 between the country code and area code, so...
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    What's it like in Argentina these days?

    This. The biggest hassle is finding an apartment/house/PH or whatever. That can be like the search for the Holy Grail. If you have a regular income in dollars, you'll be fine aside from the housing issue.
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    Where To Buy A Computer

    They have that site, and also a storefront in Galeria Jardin on Florida.
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    Where To Buy A Computer
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    Where can I find a hamster cage?

    Yes, but, if you don't have a DNI you can't use ML
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    Where can I find a hamster cage?

    Centro Pet, Cordoba 1475, phone 011 5365 6101 4th block west of 9 de Julio, between Uruguay and Paraná I'm not saying it's the biggest, but I have seen hamster-cage-like objects in the window. Which, this being Argentina, doesn't guarantee they have them now, but it's a start. And their ad says...
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    Kindle question

    There a book store called Libros del Pasaje at Thames 1762, in Palermo, that has a whole section of books in English. If you like real books. And they have an online store
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    Legal/logistical things besides visa/residency to prepare before moving from USA?

    All above suggestions are good, but let me add a few less practical ones. Take a last long look around you. Visit all your favorite places one last time. Spend some time with the relatives and friends you love best, especially the older ones, who may not be alive when you come back in 3-5...
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    Interesting list of allowed items as carry-on,...E-Cigarettes, weed, vibrators, water bottles???

    The laser pointer might have an MER of 1K, but I seriously doubt the vibrator does. That's what most RPG's would call a melee weapon ;)
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    SRA throws down the gauntlet at La Rural AS usual, the banner above is in Castellano, and the story will initially appear in that tongue, but be patient and in 3-4 seconds it...
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    Best translation of “ tranquilo todo se va a acomodar, tené fe !!”

    Well, VV, long time no see! You have not graced these pages with your insightful commentary in far too long.