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    Virtual Assistants - Native speaking Germans

    Hi all, here is a freelance job offer as a Virtual Assistant. Due to that it's for a german site native speaking level is a must. WIR SUCHEN FREELANCER my-vpa ist Marktführer für deutschsprachige, hochqualitative Virtuelle Persönliche Assistenz. Als Virtueller Persönlicher Assistent (VPA)...
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    question about withdrawing USD at ATM Colonia

    Was the 5 USD fee charged by the urugayan bank for using their ATM or was it from your bank?
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    question about withdrawing USD at ATM Colonia

    Hi everybody, a few years back it was possible to withdraw USD at ATMs in Colonia, Uruguay. Almost any bank had the option. Does anyone know if that's still possible? Any info is highly appreciated. Cheers
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    New Rental Law Passed In Congress. Ojo.

    And there goes another excuse to raise the already incredibly high rents again. Yeah ...
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    The Herald Is Dead! Long Live The Herald!

    My guess is that the "Argentinisches Tageblatt", a newspaper in German with 120 years of history, will be next. For the exact same reasons ben mentioned. I remember reading it online in 2011 in order to understand what was going on here when my spanish was very poor (not to say non existent)...
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    The Herald Is Dead! Long Live The Herald!

    Seems that the English speaking community lost its newspaper after over 140 years. https://www.clarin.c..._ryBycITUZ.html
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    How To Correct A Misspelled Name On Dni

    As far as I know the only way is to return to the register with your passport and your birth certificate where it shows your last name. But nethertheless it will be quite a hassle to deal with the people there, so be prepared for some arguing.
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    Latam Airlines - Heads-Up

    And to make the service situation even worse, they are closing their International Call Center in Buenos Aires and laying of like 60 people at once. From now on you will have to deal with very poor standard call centers located in Peru and Colombia, where literally the employees do not know...
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    Taking Kids Out Of The Country

    Well to me it doesnt seem too complicated. Look for an escribano and have both signed that each parent allows the other one to travel alone with the kids. Whats more a pain in the botty is the cost. Not sure what an escribano charges for that nowadays, but my guess is > 3000 P for sure.
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    Everything About Sending Money Out Of Argentina

    As far as I know from a friend there are no more limits anymore transferring money out of the country. But as it has been said here before that the rules are very unclear. If you work in blanco I guess you have a cuenta de sueldo (sorry for the argie terms). I would recommend that you go to...
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    Looking for beer lovers and homebrewers

    My recomendation is a bar called "Treffen", just around the corner of Plaza de Mayo (Piedras 178), their page is They have like 20 different local beer brands to choose from. And apart from that they have a stunning collection of beer memorabilia exhibited, something I have...
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    Children's Swimming Lessons In Vincenre Lopez, Olivos Area

    I live in Olivos and I know of two swimming pools there. One is within a college called "Jesus en el huerto de los Olivos", its at plaza Vicente Lopez y Planes (or known as plaza Olivos), there is a facebook page at The other one is a sports club...
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    Go-Kart Enthusiasts Out There?

    I'm afraid I have bad news: Following the "dear" argentinian tradition of canceling appointments last minute mi fellow coworkers cancelled for tomorrow. So we would be only two persons who have confirmed. Should we leave it for another day?
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    Go-Kart Enthusiasts Out There?

    Maybe the best is if we meet at the reception desk, Im bringing my own helmet, so maybe you should look for a guy with glasses and holding a helmet. The reservation has been made for 8:30 pm. Might be that our turn is a little later because when I reserved they told me that before that time...