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    In need of a Brazil Lonely Planet

    Hello, Does anyone have a travel book for Brazil. I'm taking off in two weeks and would love to buy a pre-owned one that isn't too outdated. English or Spanish will work. Thanks!
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    Tips for traveling on Autobus

    Some tips for traveling on bus through Tucuman, Cafayate, Tafi del Valle, Salta and Mendoza. -Choose the cama option ALWAYS. For 10 dollars more you won't suffer from a terrible neck ache the rest of your vacation. -When given a chance to choose a seat it's best to go for the one without a...
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    Anyone in for Iguazu Dec 11-13?

    Hi! I'm looking to make a trip up to Iguazu and was hoping to have some company during the trip. I would ideally like to go with another girl that's around my age (mid twenties). I would take an overnight bus on Thursday to arrive for the weekend and be back by Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for...
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    Mailing Argentine steaks for Christmas?

    Hello, I was brainstorming on what would be the perfect present from Argentina and I thought well, of course, a delicious steak from here. However, I have no idea whether it is a possibility to mail steak. Does anyone know anything about this process?
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    drum lessons

    My roommate takes courses at EMBA. It is a renown institution for its music programs.
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    Robbed while traveling- experience & lesson learned

    At first. I didn't give them my purse and then the older of the two said "dame tu bolso o te mato" at that point I looked down and he had something under his shirt. Most likely just two fingers, but in any event that it would have been anything else it wouldn't have been worth it to find out...
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    Robbed while traveling- experience & lesson learned

    While walking on a sunny afternoon through La Boca I was mugged by two teenagers (maybe 13 and 17). As I have told this story to my friends and acquaintances I have found that it's really not that uncommon. In realizing this I wish I would have taken the following steps prior and during the...
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    Hoping to Make Some Female Friends

    I arrived to Buenos Aires a couple of weeks ago and now that I've settled down (couple blocks from subte Aguero) I'd like to start expanding my circle of friends (well more like making the circle). I'm 24, from San Diego and will be here a year. I'm starting to take Salsa classes, went to one...