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    Moving to Bs As from UK with 1yr!

    You want to live in Palermo!!! Trust me!
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    New guy contemplating move to BA

    I don't think you can expect to pay $800/ month on rent, and live on $40/ Day. However, you can spend $500 on rent and live on the remainder no problem. It's not a day -to-day consideration. This city will "nickel and dime" you to death. However, I have a very cushy apartment for $900/ month...
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    New guy contemplating move to BA

    Just get down here... it's great! Cheers!
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    Anyone up for Going to Uruguay tomorrow?

    So, my three months are up on Wednesday. It's been an interesting 90 Days to say the least... mostly good. But I do need to take a day trip to Uruguay tomorrow. While I am fine going by myself, I thought a travel companion might be a nice touch also. Hit me up on my cell. 15.4972.1147, or at...
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    Hola! (Alt: Health insurance for foreigners?)

    I have the platinum Medicus Plan, it's the best, and its less than U$100/ month. PM me, and I can tell you who to contact.
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    Export & Import Business in Argentina

    That's great Steve... very informative. Ha!
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    Seeking a Study Partner for Spanish...

    Ouch, no one wants to study with me... Spanglish it is then! :p
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    Seeking a Study Partner for Spanish...

    Hello, I found a fantastic Spanish teacher here in Buenos Aires, with who I spend two hours every day. However, I am looking for a partner to meet-up with in the evenings or late afternoons for the purpose of practicing the lessons that I have learned that day, etc... I am an entry level...
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    moving back to the US - selling everything

    Where are you located?
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    US Aid to Haiti

    The majority of this thread makes me sick. Most of you critics don't even have the capacity to educate yourselves enough to be so bold as to have an opinion on this subject which is worth its weight in carbon dioxide. GROSS!!!!!
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    US Aid to Haiti

    This is disgusting.
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    Expat lunch schedule?

    Steve, I will be there. However, I was planning to send you the other invite as I am sitting here. Please let me know if you are still interested. Best, Robert
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    Expat lunch schedule?

    That sounds like a lunch... I am in also. Ernest... Why not do the honors of selecting a time and place?
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    I have an extra room- Palermo Soho.

    Hola! I just moved to Buenos Aires a few days ago. I was able to find a nice apartment in Palermo Soho. It happens to have an extra bedroom. It is a good sized room with a queen bed, a closet, etc... The apartment has a private terrace, a full kitchen, 1 bathroom, and a sleeper sofa. I am a...
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    RobeartoNYC has arrived

    I've been living in New York for the last 8 years, and I wanted a change. So, I threw a dart at a map and here i am! (Not Really). But I did want to make a move out of New York, and therefore out of the United States for a while. BA seemed like a good choice. I think I was correcto!