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    Can I get a visa stamp at Ciudad del Este?

    actually, just to add to my post about the temp visa, from foz de iguazo i took a bus to rio and before getting on the bus, they did check my passport for a visa, so this could a a control for the temp visas holders to not leave the foz area. i really don't know for sure if that was the case...
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    Can I get a visa stamp at Ciudad del Este?

    hello there is no crossing from Argentina to Paraguay, it goes from arg, (ruta 12) to brazil than (ruta 277) to ciudad del este. on weekdays there is hardly any wait on the friendship bridge (brazil/paraguay) so you most likely just cross in and out without any one checking documents. but on...
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    advice on student visa

    talk to your school, i'll be honest with you, i studied in Cordoba, as an exchange student with my U. and i applied late and had to rush to get my visa, medical, apostle seal. blah blah blah, all costing money, at the end the Argentine consulate got my rush visa and gave me a little lecture on...
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    Change in expat attitudes?

    I used to live in BsAs, and now return every year or so to visit, and i am always shocked on how much things have gone up in such a short span. I was thinking of relocating to bsas again when the time was right, but lately I have been thinking about Santiago, Chile, since i know a few people...
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    Taxi Question..

    This is strange, maybe he just didn't want his back to be exposed to any attack from behind, but also you did get on with a group of people at first, showing that your not some solo lunitic wonder around the city at 5 am. but now this leaves you exposed, as two robbers can jump into the back...
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    Calafate-Torres del Paine: Doubt about crossing the border

    Hello yes there are two crossings you can take, and both will stamp you passport. sometimes there is a line becasue of the tour buses that work the area.
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    PADI Diving course?

    Hello I think that is in Pesos, I paid in Pesos... the official books are in dollars becasue they are ordered and shipped from the US or brazil, i beleive they offered the cheaper in spansih fotocopia version. give them a call, and find out. if the cost is right and you have the time, do...
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    PADI Diving course?

    I did my certs in BsAs, and had a great time doing it while meeting other people. my check outs were in Puerto Madryn, with the whales :-) i did mine at uwexplorers Sport Club "Cecchina", Bartolome Mitre 1625, subsuelo, Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Teléfono: 4372 - 4131, E-mail...
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    Chile Tourist Fee if you're Just Stopping Over?

    RWS is correct, in other words if you want to walk out of the airport, you pay, if you just stay in the internal, connecting flight area, you don't pay.
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    U.S. Citizens need visa for Chile?

    There is just the reciprocity at the airport of 135 bucks for Americans but this fee is only at the airport, if you go by land, mendoza to chile.. there is no fee. Steve Peralta
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    Travel to Chile on bus??

    To add on to "elhombresinnombre" from BsAs to Mendoza, just make sure you confirm the time tables the buses from Mendoza do to Santiago/ vina del mar-valpo in the mornings. around 7-8-9-10 so make sure you confirm your connecting bus in Retiro before you leave. Tac/el rapido/ etc
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    Dinner Friday

    Hello Allany idea how many people will be going on friday?ThanksSteve
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    From NJ, but not new to BsAs

    Hello All, I´m Steve (rockbodyrock) After studing Abroad in Argentina in 2001, i have made it a habit to visit this wonderful place every so often! Now, I would like to meet people during my current stay in BsAs. Saludos Steve
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    The Complete Guide To Real Estate Investment In Argentina

    This is exactly what i am looking forThanksSteve