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    Does Anyone Know What This Parade was for?

    How big a piece are we talking about?
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    Not compared to the US...

    Choose one. Judging from your on-screen handle, you already have.
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    Agreed. Otherwise, it's a bribe to obtain services that are paid for.
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    Any ex pats over 40 here ?

    I'd guess that most expatriots in Bs.As. (or, perhaps, anywhere else in Latin America) are over forty and that most tourists (some here even for a year or two) are in their twenties and thirties.
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    Blacks in BA ?

    Sí, ya sé. Bromeaba, V.
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    dog advise

    You may find this amusing (as the breed in the United States oft is perceived as effeminate), but I suggest a toy or miniature poodle (the standard size is too big for apartment living). Intelligent, teachable, and affectionate, the breed adapts well to changing circumstances -- including...
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    Blacks in BA ?

    Goodness, "fedecc", do you really believe that? The militia groups on the American border with Mexico content themselves with alerting the undermanned and thinly stretched Border Patrol to illegal crossers; they have also attempted to make at least one citizen's arrest. They have not used arms...
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    getting legal...

    "Jp", as an American lawyer who's worked with Argentine ones, I understand that the common (and simplest) means may be to set up an Argentine company, then hire yourself. You'd receive a work visa and, after awhile, residency. BUT I'm not an Argentine lawyer, so you'd be wise to consult one...
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    Love North Americans?

    'Last I looked, ODA was defined as governmental funds. Private American donations to aid foreigners have long been significantly higher per capita than, say, private French or Italian donations, their governmental ODAs notwithstanding.
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    Arriving soon... flowers?

    Welcome, "bull". Wide variety of music in Bs.As. -- all that you list (haven't heard much Indian, though, and no classical Hindustani) and more. Chau (yes, that's the spelling in Spanish).
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    What's with Argentine's using ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME?

    "thomashobbs" asked, "What's with Argentine's using ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME?" All of us err. Some of us form plurals with apostrophes.
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    Hate North Americans?

    Pretty much what North Americans themselves might say about Latin Americans in general.
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    The worst pizza in the world?

    I see that you live in Houston, "wine". Perhaps matters are different there; but I, a middle-aged American (who has spent considerable time in Texas, though little in Houston), think I've never known anyone (with the exception of a single group) who's considered such chain restaurants other than...
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    Hate North Americans?

    Surely, "orwellian", you're not originally from the United States? Your dislike of that country might be lessened by spending a year or two roaming the States and getting to know those Americans. You may still find many of them ignorant but, I'd guess, few the domineering sorts that...
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    Shame on you Argentina

    “Sergio” gives a fine summation of what I, formerly an historian, understand to be the prevailing historians’ theories for the different evolutions: broad-based, enquiry-oriented education in North America contrasted with limited, rote education in Argentina; a tradition of self-determination...