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    BORED...need activities!!!

    I have no idea who you are/what you like, but I am one of those people who feels like there are always a million things to do, even when there's nothing I have to do, so here are some of the things I would like: Go see the Steve Mc Murray exhibit (amazing photos) at the Borges Cultural Centre on...
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    Dance school - not tango

    In case anyone is looking here in the future, I have found the following through a friend: (Yerbal 150) (Mario Bravo 960)
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    I need a Photographer

    Would anyone know of a good, but not too expensive photographer for a CD cover project? They would need to be available in the next few weeks. It wouldn't be super complicated, but it would help if they had some creative ideas. Thank you!
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    Studying in BA for 4 weeks

    I think staying with a local family will really help your spanish, but at the same time, i have heard that for many people (and I would include myself here) that it really takes around a year to start getting a decent grip on the language if you are starting from close to zero. As well, I have...
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    YOGA - Private classes in San Telmo, Qualified Teacher

    Qualified yoga teacher offering private lessons for one, two or three persons in San Telmo near Plaza Dorrego. Beginner to advanced. Styles include vinyasa, astanga, restorative/yin, yoga nidra, pranayama (breathing) and meditation. Classes in English or Spanish. Special three class series (3...
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    anyone know a nice spa for women in BA???

    Essencia Spa on Piedras half a block from Independencia in San telmo is good (I think that may be far from where you live ..don't know)'s not luxurious per se, but it's really nice inside, immaculately clean and an excellent massage therapist and esthetician for manicures/pedicures, plus...
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    Uruguay : Colonia/Montevideo

    Colonia is really cute, but super touristy, many many souvenir shops etc. Very easy to get there and lots of restaurants/cafes, very nice port and malecon/boardwalk, but again, it's a tourist town and it has that feel. Montevideo feels a bit more authentic for some reason. It has some amazing...
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    Yoga Park

    I spent about a week there. The volunteers typically work from 8-ish in the morning til around 1 p.m. Some were gardening, in the kitchen, painting. They usually take a 1.5 hour yoga class each afternoon at 4.30. There was a great group of volunteers there when I visited, though I wasn't...
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    Lap pool in/near San Telmo?

    Thank you so much everyone for the tips, never thought of using my medical insurance for the doc letter, that's awesome thank you...I checked it out today and looks good, hope to sign up on Monday.
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    Lap pool in/near San Telmo?

    Anyone know where I might find a nice place to swim some laps in or not too far from San Telmo? Gracias :)
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    Dance school - not tango

    Looking for a dance school/studio not too far from San Telmo that preferably has contemporary dance classes, maybe other styles too, in english or spanish...anyone know a good place? Thank you!
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    Exercise in BA ...without subtitles

    I am teaching private yoga in San Telmo (groups of 1, 2 or 3). See my website for my info about me: ... I primarily teach vinyasa style yoga, which can be quite physically challenging, if that is what you are looking for. Private classes are 75 minutes in length at 110 pesos...