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    Maybe you should read my initial post a bit more that I clearly stated that the reason for the price difference for residents and foreigners is that the Argentine government subsidizes the airlines to keep the ticket costs down for residents and to make sure smaller towns are...
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    First of all the mention that the poor in Argentina do not fly, is not unique to Argentina. The poor in the USA cannot afford to fly either, nor can they in most countries whether the government subsidizes the domestic airlines or not. As for the recent increases in airfares that is not unique...
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    You have a few options to reduce your travel costs, LAN offers a South American Air pass, their alliance, One World also offers a South American Air Pass that seems to be a bit cheaper than the LAN version. One hitch is that in order to get the best price or to be able to purchase it at all you...
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    residency, taxation, healthcare ...

    You might start with these folks first, they can most helpful. do charge a fee for assisting you gain residency but it is worth the expense since dealing with the Bureau of Migrations here can be frustrating at best.suerteSAM
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    Re: Mendoza Accomodation?

    I always stay at the Argentino Hotel address is Espejo 455 On the main plaza in Mendoza, just around the corner from the much more expensive Hyatt. Modern, clean and great staff. Rooms start at around $40USD a night including breakfast. Website: Outside Mendoza...
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    Health Ins for the part time person in Argentina

    I purchased insurance from Swiss Medical and the service and quality of care has been outstanding.
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    Travel to BA

    Not sure where you are coming from in the US but LAN will certainly sell you a ticket on their web site for longer than a 90 day return period. they are part of the American Airlines alliance and have a non stop from Miami to Buenos Aires. Also connecting flights through Lima and...
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    Sorry for this morbid topic but a friend is quite ill here and if they pass on they would like to be cremated. Before I go in search can anyone give me an idea of what the price range might be. Would like to have some guide to the price in order to have an idea if I am being quoted a realistic...
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    temporary apartment rentals

    Well I found ByT to be by far the worst of the choices, I only rented from them once and that was enough. The only apartment that I have ever had in BA that not only had roaches but was infested with them, they were everywhere including my bedroom. The apartment was furnished with Salvation Army...
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    Two-day side trip from Buenos Aires -- ideas?

    Hello Christine, god there are tons of places to visit around. You need not drive however, my sister and her husband were here a couple weeks ago and I arranged for a remis to take them to an estancia in Lobos and it cost .50 a kilometer that is about .16 us cents a kilometer. I think the total...
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    The French Connection-Spanish?

    Sorry but the French Connection was released under the name "Contacto en Francia". So not sure what you were watching. Any more information such as actors, locations etc? SAM
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    Setting up internet

    Maybe Fibertel was at some point more expensive but for the first 3 months I paid $40 a month with no install charges and the free modem. After that I pay about $80 a month. Which is more expensive than DSL but then cable is much faster and that is what I require so the extra cost is worth it to...
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    Setting up internet

    Fibertel is one of the Cable providers and that is what i use for my internet. I hope you have you own wireless router for wifi. If not you will get a shock in either buying one or the price that Fibertel will quote you for theirs. Do you already have cable in your flat? If not then you might...
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    Is anyone out there...

    Sorry that no one has responded and hope that this will at least assure you that someone is listening. I recommend groups such as the following they are informal get togthers to practice either english or spanish and is a good way to meet expats and locals. There is also the...
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    Any African-Americans or people of color in BA?

    Hola Yolee, I am not a female but have lived here for about 15 months and I can tell you I feel as safe or safer than any city in the US. It is just the same common sense you would use in most cities whether Chicago, LA , Paris or London. Avoid dark deserted streets, don;t flash cash or...