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    I will ask again... what should I expect at customs?

    Sergio, Thank you so much. I have made a decision, AR would not be one of my target countries to research. Although I am planning to visit friend in Chile next year and I might stop by BA just to see how much it has change Again, I am most greatful
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    Another one of those emails

    Muchas gracias por sus respuestas se lo agredesco mucho. Yes, I am aware that my own eyes are the best way to assess the situation. I have downsized big time here in the US since up here too things are very expensive I live in the NW area, unlike FL. And I am sure if I was going to take the...
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    So how do you do it

    Thanks for the replies, do any of you know anyone that has made the move with limited income as me (based on our standards not Argentina's) By the way the link does not work, please send or post the correct one thanks
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    moving to Mendoza

    I agree with Nina why why??? I spent about a week, I know not enuf to make an opinion, but believe me there are lots of other places better than Mendoza. There is nothing there, and when they get the dust storm is horrible. I don't know what you are looking for, but I would check an adjoining...
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    Any African-Americans or people of color in BA?

    Yolee, I spent over a month traveling throughout AR and yes there is a heavy European background, is seems a very hidden prejudice among Argentine. For instance those people that were originally from outside BA, usually deny it, and they tend to emphazise a lot of the European background...
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    Looking for/Any new retirees

    I was reading your postings and couldn't resist to write you. I am a single guy, not really looking for a relationship but I'm 63 going and looking in my 40's darn it. Anyways, I am from the US not excitment living here and besides tired of the BS and was considering taking my early retirement...
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    So how do you do it

    Thank you for the suggestions, I will check those sites. No there is nothing wrong looking younger, I milk it as much as I can don't get me wrong. My income will be around 1,500 dls period that is the whole enchilada not a whole bunch. Yes, I can appreciate that is about 9-10k pesos, but then...
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    So how do you do it

    I am so glad that I found this site!!!! I am at a crossroad in my life..... I was in AR a couple of years ago and traveled throughout from Salta to Bariloche....I am no longer have the passion to pursue the daily grinder trying to survive the BS in the Bus World. I have done a considerable...