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    Hemochromatosis In Ba

    Hi, try to search for Hematología at There are some 700 specialists. Good luck with the treatment.
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    Looking For A Good Dentist Asap! (I'm In Pain!)

    Nope, I don't. Just add an initial one-off fee of ARS 300. Both are very professional, very positive experience.
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    Looking For A Good Dentist Asap! (I'm In Pain!)

    Both visited in person, they have very decent reviews. Real professionals and pricing is reasonable. ARS 3,500 for corona.
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    Swiss Medical Doctor Recommendations?

    Hi, try the link below. You can play with filters and choose ones who fit you the best. Regards
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    Any Ideas About Activities For Our Two Year Old In Baires?

    There's musical&art playgroup in Palermo Soho (close to Plaza Armenia) every Tuesday/Thursday afternoon, pls send me PM for more details.
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    Travel to Chile on bus??

    Hi everyone, could you please share your experience - travelling by bus Santiago de Chile - Buenos Aires? Which bus provider would you recommend? I'm looking for safe, comfortable and money-wise solution. Thank you very much!
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    Dentist Recommendations For Veneers

    You can try to use this site, I selected Capital Federal Odontologia - hope it helps.
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    Information/recommendations/reviews From The Sector Salud

    Dear Group, I’d like to introduce you a site we have been working on for several months. Our main objective is to improve the quality of medical care by providing reliable information, reviews and recommendations from the Sector Salud. It’s still in its basic/beta version, but hopefully you...
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    Best Neighbourhood In Ba For Tourist To Stay.

    Without any doubts, Palermo Chico. We lived one year in a PH in Palermo Soho and you cannot simply compare these two. Chico is close to parks, subte, it is airy, safety and perfect for hanging out and morning running. Many apartments are now available around here. I can only recommend.
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    In an ongoing creative purification process

    In an ongoing creative purification process
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    Notarised Document For A Child To Leave The Country

    We used Nicolas Machiavello, escribano - abogado, Lavalle 1206 - 3. piso. He charged us ARS 800 for the 'permiso de viajar' which covers the whole world and is until 18. He speaks very little English.
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    Have Been All Unofficial Exchange Houses Closed Down?

    Hope you are right. Thank you!
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    Have Been All Unofficial Exchange Houses Closed Down?

    This is what I learnt from my friend yesterday. Is that true please? Thank you!
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    Need A Bank Account. Where To Do It?

    Take a rental contract and utility bill from the owner. If they can match the names you should pass through.
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    Tailoring Services For Alternation Of Custom Made Suits?

    Sorry, I have posted this on a different topic. "I can strongly recommend an elder sastre at Arenelas 2349. I was out from the shop in 5 minutes, he exactly knows what to do. Really worth of going there, price 450 pesos each."