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    I got an iPhone from Claro, 2yr contract for $228AR/Mo 400 Minutes, 200 text, and unlimited data. 16mb Iphone3g was $1,000AR. Fred
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    Has anyone come across any weird Argentine laws?

    I heard prenuptial agreements do not exist. Fred
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    Argentinas outrageous Road Toll

    I drive professionaly here, so there is everything to be seen unfortunately. You see especially in the lower income southern suburbs babies and children not in child seats. There is excessive tailgating, and weaving in and out with only a needle to spare, all in tiny little cars without airbags...
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    Rigged Can Meters

    Bianca, also when looking at the watermark with the light (I use a mini flashlight at night) look at the DEPTH of the watermark and the detail. There are some really good 100 peso notes with a watermark, but not the depth and detail...I saw the bill at a watch repair shop, and the vendor caught...
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    Rigged Can Meters

    Was so cool to see you on the streets the other day near Alamo Bar with my Argentine wife! We are arguing, I said you had an Accord, my wife says Civic...We are used to answering questions (rolling down the wondows) about the car, usually to Argentines who have never seen one before! Yours...
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    Rigged Can Meters

    Nope, just the facts I got from the last to drop offs I had, and informational. There is no way I'm ever going to or even try to compete with cabs! It's a totally different business model...And rigged meters-fake bills are REAL issues. Persoanlly, I use cabs myself all the time, and haven't...
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    Rigged Can Meters

    ooops should have been Cab and not Can in header, can't fix that in edit :(
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    Rigged Can Meters

    I just had 2 returns to the airport and both American tourists that don't speak Spanish had no problems other than each having a taxi rigging the meter. One ride was from Palermo Hollywood to San Telmo for $50AR, other one had a worse example. I hear that one block should run about 38cAR. Also...
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    Has anyone come across any weird Argentine laws?

    Basically no right on red anywhere, unless posted. Also no left turns in 4 way intersections where there is no arrow allowing it. Fred
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    Has anyone come across any weird Argentine laws?

    You can't get any intoxicating beverages the night before election day! Fred
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    "Closed Door" Restaurants

    Also there is Sammy's in Palermo
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    Prices in the supermarket

    Vital is kinda like Cosco, you can save a lot, but bigger sizes. I think there is one in Almagro. Also dirt cheap prices if you can get to Mercado central and buy in bulk, then maybe split with a friend. Fred
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    Moneda Melodramas

    You can get 20 monedas at par at the train stations (once-retiro) at the Banco de La Nacion office, I think the windows close at 7pm, and I've heard of 40 minute waits. Also banks will give monedas, the nicer you are to the teller, and the more they know you, the more you get (I've gotten up to...
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    Moving to BA in July 09

    I an American living in BsAs and can handle your airport transfer (and more) if you don't have a crazy amount of luggage. I'm doing Lincoln Town Car service here, and it will be hard to find anything safer or roomier than a Town Car, and I don't drive aggressively (no tailgating, nor weaving in...
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    Buying a vehicle in Argentina

    You can go to the office in capital and get all the questions, and they will give you the answers for study (Spanish only) There is also an oral Psychological exam in Spanish that is required. Fred