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    Transferring Money out of Argentina

    I spoke to my escribana the other day regarding this same issue. I have no plans of selling my apartment but if I did, because it was purchased en BLANCO, I would have no problems sending the money back to the U.S. I would recommend using a Casa de Cambio, I used them for my purchase here in...
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    Moving back to Argentina: Customs' question

    Ceci, You shouldn't have a problem with clothes or books. I brought back 6 suitcases and two huge boxes...on the airplane...they contained: Clothing Books Shoes Purses Personal Items, decorative stuff When I arrived, I found a guy with a huge cart and he loaded all of my stuff, took me...
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    Real Estate/Mortgage Question

    If you don't want to take out a loan, another alternative would be to buy a Fideicomiso (Trust) where you buy a property almost at cost and you pay 30-50% upfront, and the rest is made in monthly payments that can range from 12-24 months depending on how long it takes to build the property. If...
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    Expat Package - What to expect?

    Secchi, If your company acts as the guarantor for your apartment rental, then you can rent a nice apartment at local prices. This is usually what is done when a company relocates an employee to another country. The minimum lease in Argentina is a two year contract with the ability to get out...
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    Happy Hour for Argentines who relocated back to Buenos Aires after living abroad

    Looking forward to meeting all of you tonight! Looks like we have a good turn-out. We will be having more of these events, probably after the summer vacations. See you tonight! Silvi
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    Happy Hour for Argentines who relocated back to Buenos Aires after living abroad

    Hey Guys, Looks like I may be getting out of work a little earlier than expected on chances are that I will be at Gran Bar Danzon at 7-7:15 p.m. Look forward to meeting you guys!
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    Happy Hour for Argentines who relocated back to Buenos Aires after living abroad

    Hello Everyone, This invitation is open to everyone but it refers to a previous posting that Porteña wrote about Argentines who lived abroad for many years and have now moved back to Argentina. There are quite a few of us on this website. We would like to organize an After Office/Happy...
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    Anybody know know a realtor? aka RENTAL HELP NEEDED

    Feel free to call me. I am a real estate agent with Remax. I can assist you in buying/selling/renting both long term and temporary rentals. I am fluent in both English and Spanish Silvina 15-6418-6793
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    Any Argentinians on this site that relocated to Buenos Aires after living abroad?

    Hello Everyone, I was born in Argentina but left at the young age of 2. I spent most of my life in the U.S., except for a couple of years in Buenos Aires during the early 90's. I just moved back to Buenos Aires permanently in July 2009. I am now 41 years old. It was a very difficult...
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    BA Hahs house Harriers First run of the new decade

    I missed the first run but would like to go to the next. Is there a website or link/email for this group. I don't check this site that often so it would be good to know. Thanks!
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    Burgers this Sunday (Nov. 15)?

    Dave, I had a great time at your last burger party. Would love come again. I will bring some beer and a homemade dessert. Thanks! Silvina
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    Any ex pats over 40 here ?

    Hi, Well I just turned 41 in August, Argentine born but grew up in the States. I moved back to Buenos Aires to live here permanently back in July 2009. There are quite a few of us in the same situation. I'm organizing a Sushi night for a few friends this friday night. Send me an email if...
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    Expat burger party this Sunday - 10/25

    Dave, would love to join the burger party tomorro. I will bring wine or beer...thanks! Silvina
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    Lunch and/or Dinner next week?

    Count me in! Would love to get together and meet some new people and watch the game.
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    Expats Trekking/climbing/outdoors group...

    I am not a climber, would love to do it someday....would love to reach the Summit of the Lanin Volcano....I do a lot of trekking when I am in Bariloche, which is usually around December-January period. I am living permanently in Buenos Aires and would love to get away from time to time to do...