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    1 bedroom apt available in Palermo Hollywood

    Hello, this is Jim otherwise known as Slumlord. I am going back to Texas for at least 5 months. My apartment is available until around October or so. It's a very nicely modernly decorated 400 sq ft apartment that overlooks Guatemala st. It's very close to Ministro Carranza Subte line and down...
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    Expat Lunch: Tuesday April 14th at 1PM.

    I fly back to Dallas that evening, so I may make it. -Jim
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    Hello to all

    Hi everyone, I'm Jim. I'm not permanently living in B.A. right now. I own an apartment in Palermo Hollywood and some land in Cafayate. I'm an individual who lives in Dallas, TX most of the time. I'm here in my apt until April 14th. I may be involved in a project in Cafayate later this year so I...