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    Stuff for sale- chest of drawers, printer

    I just sent you an email with the subject: About the Hp Printer :)
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    How do I get a "Certificado de domicilio"

    I dont think that is true. That kind of ideas make the world worse. Not cool. :confused: THE HAPPY ENDING: Back to the certificate, a nice police woman came and gave me the certificate, she only asked to see my ID. So to those who will ask for their certificate, dont worry, its easy :) Fast...
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    How do I get a "Certificado de domicilio"

    Thanks for your answers, they were helpfull. I went to the comisaría and they only asked to see my passport, I paid my ten pesos and they will come to my house tomorrow (ups, today: I am sleeping late again). It was funny because I carried all kind of receipts and my rent contract but they...
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    How do I get a "Certificado de domicilio"

    Since March, for getting the temporary residence they are asking for a "Certificado .de domicilio" or address certificate. Has anybody got this certificate? I was told I must go the comisaría but I dont know what kind of documents I must present. Anyone with some light about this? Thanks :)
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    Looking for Apartment with some Character

    I had seen an interesting one in San Telmo, just one bedroom (kithen apart) but with an interesting old look (I liked it a lot but when the agency raised the price because of their salary I had to say no) However it was around 1,800 pesos per month and this was around February (maybe its a...
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    know a good costume designer?

    A friends mother is a theatre costume designer, she has one a few prizes AND IS VERY talented. She lived many years in Mexico but she came back to Argentina and a few months ago opened her workshop. I will send you her phone PM. Her workshop is in Monserrat. :)
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    Argentina is Third best place for maternity

    Thanks for putting the direct PDF, I had read it too but couldnt put the link correctly. Hope your new input turns this thread towards a more interesting debate. :)
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    Libercine Festival

    From the many activities for this weekend, today began Libercine Festival Check it out: Any movie you highly recommend?
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    Poetic puppets (no spanish needed)

    Anyone interested in coming this Saturday? Because its in a walking distance to 9 de julio, maybe it can be a "previa" or "after" the Bicentenario Celebrations
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    Argentina is Third best place for maternity

    Its me... Its the kind of face I put when people stare at me :P
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    Poetic puppets (no spanish needed)

    If you are looking for an interesting puppet theatre Matrizka is a very good option. Almost wordless its an great option if you want to enjoy good theatre without worrying about spanish. I am going to see it for a second time this Saturday. Poetic and fun. It the story of a Russian Doll...
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    Argentina is Third best place for maternity

    In a study from Women on the Front Lines of Health Care State of the World Mothers 2010 Argentina has a nice third place in the category of "Less Developed Countries". Number one is Cuba. In the More developed Countries Norway is Number One To download the complete study, click on "Estado...
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    Female Gynecologist

    Liliana Rossi rocks! She is really cool. I contacted her through this forum and she really is as good as everyone is saying. She is very caring and understanding. Really happy I went with her :)
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    Argentine Movie Recommendations

    One of my favorite movies: Leonera by Pablo Trapero (women's jail, kind of documentary through fiction, very strong and beatiful at the same time) Here is a post (in spanish) where I wrote about it that has the trailer and a little more info...
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    Mexican restaurant?

    I think their are two big problems here: First, mexican food includes a lot of different foods from Ensenadas fish tacos, mole poblano, mole xiqueño, pescado a la veracruzana, cocteles campechanos, quesadillas de huitlacoche, bistec encebollado, tacos de guisado, sopa de lima, tacos al pastor...