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    Diego Armando Maradona Dead at 60.

    Lived long when you consider the lifestyle he lived
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    New Version of the DNI...

    The whole world should be pulling China into line - their abuse and exploitation of the worlds oceans is disgusting and no one does anything about it. They take advantage of poorer countries with limited resources and deplete their fish stocks for 0 or minimal compensation. I think commercial...
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    New Version of the DNI...

    I understand the reason they do it - using 'patriotism' and 'nationalism' to garner support is a very common tactic to paint over your own problems by finding an outside enemy to focus the attention of the people on. The old bait and switch or red herring. Venezuela/Madura are experts at it...
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    New Version of the DNI...

    My God these people are stupid....
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    Tourism open yet?

    No... 14 day quarantine still for Argentines/residents no matter what. Note that it is not enforced as far as I know so...
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    December flight

    Most of the repatriations have been done which leaves business and tourism... Tourism is definitely not coming back anytime soon which leaves just business and people left over who stayed during the lockdown.
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    Who killed Maria Marta Belsunce?. Local true crime murder mystery whodunit on Netflix.

    99% of the time these murders are done by those closest contacts - aka the husband. I will watch it this week.
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    December flight

    Domestic flights are getting cancelled even in December - must be lack of demand...
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    I’ve been stuck in migraciones 2 hours..won’t let me enter

    I thought anyone was entitled to enter and live in Argentina :( Bajo told me
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    I’ve been stuck in migraciones 2 hours..won’t let me enter

    Do you get frequent flyer points for the return journey? I guess your wife is not too happy (no idea on your situation).
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    It’s official Joe Biden becomes the 46 President of the United States.

    I was waiting for the 'landslide' Biden victory but it never happened. Again the mainstream media and 'polls' were completely full of shit - they all had their dirty hand in influencing these elections don't worry about that. Follow the money and see which campaign received the majority of it.
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    LATAM cancelled my flight less than 24 hour before off!

    They are doing it to take money - when its clear there isn't enough load to make it profitable they cancel.. Welcome to the new reality.
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    Travel Possibilities?

    IF you really wanted to go to the 'beach' this summer and you are limited to Argentina I would take Pinamar/Valeria Del Mar over Mar Del Plata... They are a lot more quiet and secluded/relaxed. If you want lots of people and buildings etc then Mar Del Plata suits.
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    Returning to Argentina

    No one cares - you will be fine you just have to sign the forms etc when you leave and come back