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    Coffee Chat Tuesday Sept. 3rd @ Starbucks Alto Palermo

    I will try and drop by, probably around 18hs!
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    Are Argentines discriminatory?

    What do you mean? Hahaha it sounds like your judging me...
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    Are Argentines discriminatory?

    Yes, but I think a lot of countries have issues with discrimination. The problem is that Argentines are not PC, or even understand this concept, so they just express their prejudices in a very direct way and is quite shocking for anybody coming from another country. Whereas somewhere like the...
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    Looking for women friends

    If I can leave work early next Tuesday I will try and stop by :D
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    A lot of advice needed

    Hi, as an Argentine here is my advice. 1. The Salary: 55.000 really isnt that great of a salary for a couple considering the hyperinflation we are facing and the devaluation of the dollar. Unless your partner will be freelancing or having some other sort of income. You should secure a salary...
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    Looking for women friends

    Hi! Im from here but grew up abroad, and would love to make new friends. Im 31 yrs old!