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    Nokia C3 Cell Phone For Sale!

    Selling a gently used Nokia C3 cellphone in great condition. Contains original box, cables, headphones and case. Bought in August for $800 pesos, looking to cell for $400 pesos but price is negotiable. Available for sale March 20th.
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    Looking for bar that shows College Football

    Speaking of college football... how about some good old American tailgating? Any takers?
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    Swedes coming to BA:)

    I would love to meet up with some more scandinavians! I am from the US but Norwegian background and just to warn you, you will not blend in being blonde and tall here! haha let me know if you want someone to go on adventures with!
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    Hello all.

    I had to respond since my name is Sonia too! :) I moved here almost a month ago and will be here for a year and would love to meet more people and have a drink or something! Also Jason- I am around 1.8m tall and being a girl it isnt easy to blend in here haha and I also agree that I need to...