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    Building dispute

    tell them to put the cables, next to a wall that doen not enterfere with your view, you can let the people work on your terrace as long as the cables are tied to a wall and enter to each appaprtment with the extra cables and holes made on each floor, you will show your good will to help, but...
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    Can someone please tell me how to turn on this oven?

    ask for help to the doorman of the building, usually he will give the best way to do it, also take into acount if there is an extra key to let the gas in just for the oven if it is not part of the stove
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    Anyone know a good babysitter?

    call 01141661568, ask for Ceci, she'll get the exact person you need, just in case tell her that Charly's mother gave you her cell number. she started an agency 4 years ago, that provides qualified babysitters,and the service is unique. please let me know if you are happy with the service provided,
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    Passover sedar?!

    Amijai comunitty, Arribeños 2355, 47841243 is having an open sedder $120 also every Friday you can go to Cabalat Shabbat lots of interesting activities, the place is worth visiting. in case you need extra information get in contact with me
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    3 Esquinero Couch for sale

    i need a dinning table with chairs, andy
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    Baby Showers in Argentina?

    they are just starting, and here people start buying everything for the baby as soon as they know they are pregnant. i can help you, i have just prepared one for an argentine girl andy.
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    Looking for babysitter

    call ceci, she has an agency who provides teachers for babby sitting 1141661568, this is a new service introduced here a few years ago good luck
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    Sending a text message to Movistar mobile from outside Argentina?

    no you must contact movistar and ask them to allow you roaming from abroad before hand. i recieved with mine when i was abroad, and i was allowed also to make and recieve phone calls
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    Taken a tour yet?

    my son wrote this article which i believe is interesting for you. good luck!!
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    Any movie lovers out there?

    i am interested in the CDs , can you send me that list of yours? thank you
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    Architect seeking projects

    good luck , you will have it , wonderfull your designs
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    Christmas Ham

    try and ask lomito de cerdo ahumado, and have a look at it to see if that is what you are looking for. you'll find it in any supermarket such as jumbo, carrefour... it may be cut or in a large piece. good luck
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    Christmas & New Years Eve????

    if my sons are out of town i can join you , i have a car, so i can take 2 or 3 of you with me, if not i may go latter you are a wonderful host thank you
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    hannukah food

    i can cook some jewish food, in case you want to get together, let me know
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    Health care in Argentina

    if you want to buy health care insurance get in touch with Aurora, she will explain you everthing you need, and aslo sells it. call her to her 1561801556