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    New Here!

    Hi Andrea...I am from NYC and I return next week 1/31... If you want to go to a bar or restaurant while I am still here let me know...I really want to try some of the restaurants in the Palermo area...
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    Just arrived in BA from London

    Edwin...if you ever want to go to a bar or restaurant, let me know...I am here for another month...I return to NYC next thursday 1/31... shanta
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    Just arriving in Buenos Aires

    hey..if you ever ned a dinner partner, let me know...I am here until 1/31. I find that ppl her seem to be interested only in going to clubs. Oh, I'm also from NYC...UWS... Shanta
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    Student IN BA to do research

    Hello, Is anyone in this section here on a work assignment and stationed by their company in BA? I am asking because I am agrad student back in NYC and I am working on a paper for which I need feedback from expatriate employees. It would only take about five minutes of your time, but the info...
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    Is anyone here as an ex-patriate employee (here on a work assignment)?

    hey folks, I sent you both notes, but basically, the reason why inquired about ex-patriate employees is that I am graduate student working on a paper about ex-patriate. I need to have a short survey filled out (about 5-10mins) and I was hoping you guys would be kind enough to take a few minutes...
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    Student needs to interview expats for a research study...

    Hi All, I am a graduate student here in BA for the month of January to conduct research for a paper I am working on. The topic is on the adjustment of Ex-pat employees in their host countries, both socially and professionally. Would anyone please be kind enough to spare 5 or 10 minutes of...