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    How Uruguay tamed the virus

    This is a reply to Pierre Smith, that said, Sweden has one of the world's highest death! I would not say Sweden has a high death rate. 5400 has died with an average age of 81 years, out of a population of 10,4 million. Sweden´s aim was never to defeat the sickness, but to be able to catch up...
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    Lockdown could last another 6 to 10 weeks

    I was born in Sweden. It is one of the few countries, where people continued working and schools and restaurants were not closed. The health ministry meant that history have showed, that closing down and closing borders do only stop diseases temporarily and it is just as efficient to inform...
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    When will Argentina default ?

    I think Ecuador once declared their debt illegal and did not pay...
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    Business closures in Buenos Aires

    According to Argentinas Financial Times "EL Cronista", an average salary in april was 35 000 pesos, half of the population have less than 25 000 pesos and the minimum wage is 12.500 pesos, less than in Bolivia. Than you do not count the 4 million unregistered workforce, mainly immigrants from...
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    Bolsonaro: we don't need another Venezuela south of us

    Sorry, I read this in the paper. I know too little about these things and I tried to cancel my post, but it was not possible. It was just a chok, seeing the tanks on Avenida de Julio. The police told me, I could not be sure to get home, when I left on my bike in the morning. I will never forget it.
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    Bolsonaro: we don't need another Venezuela south of us

    Sorry, I do not know enough about this at all. I have too little experiences from the Kirchners, My memories of the time was more happy. I am just not used to see tanks on the street and I was in chok. I tried to cancel this message, but it was not possible.
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    Bolsonaro: we don't need another Venezuela south of us

    During G20, my neighbourhood; San Telmo, Microcentro, Congresso and Theatre Colon were closed for three days. On Avenida de Julio there were tanks. 22 000 police men were on the streets. Internet was shut down. People had been asked to go to the countryside. There were no buses, nor subte. Shops...
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    Supermarkets in Argentina are twice as dear as London

    I read in the paper that food prices had gone up 7% in January + February. Food had the highest inflation, while things like dance classes were at the complete bottom and had not raised at all.
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    Coffee Chat on TUESDAY, April 16 at Alto Palermo

    I count on being there...
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    US citizen deported at Ezeiza

    Oh well, this is just what the double tax agreement between Argentina and Denmark sais. It is signed by Argentina and Denmark and I thought it was a legal document. I thought it was the same double tax agreements between all European countries and Argentina. Just wanted to help.
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    US citizen deported at Ezeiza

    My country will take a big part of my pension, if I move here, outside EU. Pensioners are trying to take the government to court for this. Maybe it will change, but we do not know. There is a double tax agreement with my country, so I have to move officially. I must sell my apartment in my...
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    US citizen deported at Ezeiza

    The six month rule was made for people that work in different countries to decide where to pay tax. It sais very clearly in double tax agreements that it is not a matter of days. Where you live, is a matter of where you have your belongings, insurances, economic duties, union engagement and...
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    US citizen deported at Ezeiza

    I got a pensionist visa last year, that expires 2nd of May. But the immigration lawyer at that time had not told me the truth. And residency is not possible for me at the moment, because of present rules in Argentina - and present rules in my country, that will change in two years. I went to...
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    Need some advice on extending a visa please.

    If you only have been in the country less than 90 days, you can either go to Migraciones, very close to the Retiro station. It is open 8 - 14. You stand in a line outside and when you get in, you cross the park to edificio 6, where foreigners go. Ask in the desk, who you should talk to. I heard...