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    Argentina virtual phone number Setup US$10 and US$10 per month.
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    Minimum income for Pensionada visa?

    Hi Steve, welcome to the forum. This information is from a post dated Feb 27, just before quarantines started:
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    110 Voltage help

    Hi JB, could you expand on this? I am in the US and all 3 of my late-model LCD TVs have a label by the power input that says 110. Where are you looking "on the inside"?
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    Looking for 6-month informal rental options

    Check out this post for a more flexible option, renting from an owner in Great Britain. It looks like a nice place (now that we know it has a kitchen), and it's in a very good neighborhood.
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    Chinese president blames Coronavirus on the US.

    I have been following the video blogs of the man who made this video for almost 10 years. Along with his riding partner, they have made a large number of adventure motorcycling in China videos along with footage and commentary exposing how China really functions, both good and bad. He and his...
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    NYTimes article on USA expats

    I almost discounted the article because the first source quoted was International Lying, but the other sources cited were more interesting and informative, especially the ones used by younger people.
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    Argentina's most popular hangover cure

    The article says "Fernet con Coca." I thought it was properly ordered as "Fernet y Coca."
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    Spending 10 hours in Buenos Aires tomorrow - with luggage! Advice?

    Interesting array of advice. About half suggested enjoying the city, and the other half suggested being conservative and getting to EZE as hastily as possible! I decided to take both sets of advice. Took a remis to Morelia in Palermo for some delightful Pizza ala Parrilla. Then down to...
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    Spending 10 hours in Buenos Aires tomorrow - with luggage! Advice?

    These are great ideas. I thought hotel would only hold luggage if you are staying there. Maybe that is a USA only thing. Thanks!
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    Spending 10 hours in Buenos Aires tomorrow - with luggage! Advice?

    Hi Folks, We arrive to Aeroparque from Mendoza tomorrow at noon, and our flight to the US from EZE does not leave until 10PM. There of two of us and we each have a rolling luggage and a backpack. So we don't want to be walking around a lot, especially in the heat. Hoping to find a place...
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    La Noche de las Heladerías

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    Limes (not Lemons) in Argentina

    I was wondering why limes are so hard to find here in Argentina. We consumed quite a few of them (along with cachaca, soda, and sugar) in Brazil, but did not see any limes at all in Palermo or Mendoza where we are now. A google of the wisdom of the internet suggests there is no actual Spanish...
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    Adios Netflix!!!

    Exactly why I recommend using only torrents from premium debrid services - they are (at least robotically) vetted.
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    Adios Netflix!!!

    For streaming VPN is useful in places like the USA and UK where the governments require the internet providers to monitor and report people who are using services not approved. My neighbor in the USA received a number of threat letters from their provider, and some harassment phone calls. When...
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    Adios Netflix!!!

    Ries is correct. The app is legal, but the ultimate content is probably not. Torrents are certainly not legal, and streams have an ironic loophole that the uploader of what is streamed breaks the copyright law but the streamer (you) technically remains "legal." It's a gray area. Using a good...