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    beauty and the beast

    Beauty and the Beast will have a 6-month limited run in Buenos Aires.
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    Courses at UBA

    Try this link It's the UBA's University Language Center.
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    New Comer in Need of Root Canal and Crown in BA!!

    It would be good to get a private insurance,, and for AR$400 (US$120) a month you can get it done. After you've become a member, you go to the ER telling that you have a terrible toothache, they will find out...
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    Mendoza to Bariloche - Recomendations?

    Visit ANDESMAR at for schedules and prices
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    Theatre in English in San Isidro (Northern district)

    Imagine April in Italy with nothing to do but everything you dreamed of... Imagine April in Italy where anything can happen... even love! Directed by Laura Riera Cast Natalia Goldin, Helen Sutton, Fred Pilkington, Roman Chlapowski Natalia Bonanno, Rita Carou, Jorge Agote, Sandra Girini...