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    Need help - moving to BA with Kids

    Dear Anwar, I am a single mom with a 11 year old son. We have been here a year from the states. And I have lots of experience with families moving internationally but I would need to know more about you.There are wonderful areas in the city and in the suburbs. Why are you coming? What do you...
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    Completely Furnished Apt Palermo Viejo for the summer Dec- Feb.

    Rent this beautiful apt for 1 - 3 months this summer. It is a large apt, 80 meters on the 1st floor with lots of light and nicely decorated. Located near the Botanical Gardens and a few blocks from the subway and Avenida Santa Fe. Near the Zoo and minutes from Recoleta. This part of the city...
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    Natural foods in BA

    the best organic food I have found and consistently so is through Tallo Verde and they deliver. You can look them up online.
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    Transpersonal Life Coach Short term support for the life long process of becoming who we really are!

    I am a licensed clinical social worker with 25 years of experience. My work focuses on the whole person, and the evolutionary process of spritual growth through the window of the emotional body. I have been living in BA with my 10 year old son for almost a year and I am ready to offer sessions...
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    Learn to play Bridge with a Master

    We are taking a poll to see if there is any interest in learning to play contract bridge from a Master who has over 40 years experience. Let me know.
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    We know there is a team at Club Communicaciones but we are at Club Ferro Carril Oeste in Caballito and need players age 8-12 boys or girls. We meet Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 6-8 for practice and play on Saturdays. Anyone interested contact Elizabeth Naveira 1544710104. Hope to see...
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    Creating sports leagues and social events in BA

    We are looking for 8-12 year olds argentine or expat who would like to play baseball. We have a team that meets Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday mornings. Club Ferro Carril Oeste in Caballito.