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    best gym around palermo or recoleta

    I go to Well Club. They have 5 or 6 different locations. I don't think any are quite as big as Megatlon. But they all have gyms, classes, spinning, sunbeds. One in Arenales has a pool and is open on Sundays and some of the others have saunas. A monthly membership is 90ps, yearly works out at...
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    Need a cheep apartment

    Can you put the full web address for YESBA. I tried to search for this an did get anywhere. thanks,
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    Flat Share, or Apartment Wanted

    I'm looking for a room in a shared apartment or possibly a apartment from the end of February. I've recently returned to BsAs after spending some 10 months here last year. I'm looking for something at reasonable, near local prices. I know where to look in the papers and how to find an...