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    Opening a Business in BA

    Gooood luck!
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    Tourist visa renewal and renewal and renewal....

    Hello After the 3rd time that you over stayed (over 3 month) they can retain you in uruguay, nobody tells you that, but I learned that in one of the trips to Uruguay taking my son and husband out for the porposes of visa expiring, now I got both legal. Also getting a new passport does not help...
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    retirement salary

    my mom is argentine and she makes U$S500 a month and lives like a queen here so just come and regarding health insurance you don't need any, hospitals are free and there are some depending on the location thay are great. And if you can save some money you'll buy a nice place for yourself in...
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    Argentine Directness

    yes here they call in a friendly way " negro" " negrito" gordo etc but! go and try to get a job if you are either negro or gordo!!!!
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    Tai Chi in Argentina

    I go to the park every tuesday and thursday to do tai chi the practice starts at 9:30 and Saturdays at 10am, as soon as you start you don't hear the dogs anymore!