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    Argentine Facturas

    Definitely check out the chipá in the panaderias that have them. Not every one does, but they are gooooooooood. Maybe we should start a thread for our favorite places to get medialunas. I have had some bbbaaaaaddd medialunas, enough so that I hesitate to ever buy them from a place that I don't...
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    Looking For Cheap Coastal Desintation

    I went to Punta del Diablo once, because it was recommended to me. I didn't do any research ahead of time and rented a car with a friend to drive up from Montevideo. It's farrrrrrrrrrr, I think a 6 hour drive so in total made for a lot of traveling. It was really windy, and in November it was...
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    I Stumbled Into A Great Bookstore

    Agreed. :) The end of the world as we know it really is coming, just not the Apocalypse as some might be thinking. On to a new era! haha. We got this. :cool:
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    Best Mexican Food - Where?

    I remember going to Xalapa when I first got to BA in 2008... I ordered a margarita and it was so bad I haven't been able to stomach margaritas since. This was back when I was all fresh and optimistic and I remember telling the guy that something was wrong, something was off, there's no way this...
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    Best Mexican Food - Where?

    I like the tacos at La Fabrica del Taco also, I know it comes off a shawarma thing but I love all the sauces and onions that they give you, it makes for a goo 18 peso taco! haha. It's big though. If you're doing homemade, you have to look up Pancho Villa Tortillas on facebook! She makes the...
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    Best Mexican Food - Where?

    Food trucks are illegal in BA, notwithstanding chori trucks which are mafia-run/their own mafia (I'm not sure what the actual details of it are). :-) Fun stuff, eh? Evidently the law prohibits anything that produces smoke in the streets. As for Mexican, I haven't been there for a while but I...
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    I Stumbled Into A Great Bookstore

    This probably won't interest the majority of readers, but I walked into a bookstore that I really liked today and I wanted to share it. You can find their information here: I walked into the one on Santa Fe near 9 de Julio. It's a beautiful shop, much nicer on the inside than...
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    Brand New Objective-C Programming Book For Sale

    Brand new, Objective C Programming, The Big Nerd Ranch Guide. I like the Big Nerd Ranch guide. I purchased it for us$39.99, for sale for us$30 or 180 pesos.
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    Flash Give-Away! Free Art Supplies, Must Pick Up Soon

    I've got a few things, pictures can be seen here: Some varnish, stuff for doing craqueado, india ink, gesso, etc. Also a big bag of fairly expensive glitter, and a bag of pasta piedra mix...
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    Follow-Up On Pub Crawl Attack From 1 Yr Ago

    He's (Mike) got some relation to the crossfit guys and I have heard random updates from now and then through them. Last I heard that had identified the guy, they knew who it was (I guess this grandson of Videla), but absolutely no justice was served and they never even arrested anyone. Again...
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    Transport Strike On Tuesday?

    Maybe you can try calling some remiseros tonight to get an idea of what their plan will be? Are you taking a cab to the aiport or a ride from a friend? Ezeiza Taxi has a great online reservation form, type in your flight and time and they will email you back within 10-15 minutes with a...
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    Transport Strike On Tuesday?

    [sorry, I posted twice, don't know why I have trouble posting sometimes, and can't delete poorly posted posts.]
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    Books For Sale, Some Things Free To Good Home, Pottery

    To answer a common question: I am in Palermo, just off Plaza Serrano. The pottery has all gone, and 15 of the books have sold (I'll post the sold titles asap). Have a chance at 15 peso English books! Get them quick!
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    Pickpockets On The C Line...

    I would say the best thing you can tell them is to keep everything in a zipped pocket and keep a hand on the zipper when in any big groups of people. This shouldn't be too alarming as that kind of theft is common all over the world. Zipped pocket and hand on the zipper at all times, also be very...
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    Books For Sale, Some Things Free To Good Home, Pottery

    I will do friend and friend of friend discounts. :-)