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    interval between Certificado de Residencia Precaria issuance and arrival of physical DNI

    Over 50 days have elapsed since I was able to download my Ceritificadode Residencia Precaria. The last time when I renewed my DNI, before the pandemic, I got my new card in less than a month from the issuance of the precaria. Any recent accounts of how delayed physical cards are from RNP?
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    Updated COVID restrictions on circulation

    Are medical appointments at locations that are not in my neighborhood no longer permitted under the current restrictions? If I travel by taxi, do I need a formal permiso?
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    Looking to invest $1 million USD in Argentina - what should I buy?

    With few exceptions, the staff at my bank really extends themselves to provide the services I need, despite my poor Spanish. They have earned the high level of respect I hold for them.
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    100 Million dollar boondoggle coming down the pike. It’s pure genius.

    I don't have expertise on anti tank systems retrofits, but found this link on a deal done by Germany with the Israelis. Germany orders Israel’s Trophy active protection system for its Leopard 2 tanks ( . I can't defend outlays for weaponry by the Argentine government, but...
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    Sending money through Uruguay

    When I had an occasion to wire in 4 figures USD, the fee charged in ARG was about USD $45. Dollars wired into the dollar account stay in dollars. Should the need arise to use pesos to pay electronically, I have to buy pesos at the rate the banks sells them at.... 76 pesos to the USD for the...
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    Sending money through Uruguay

    I maintain at the same Argentine bank a peso account and a USD account. Accountant here in CABA advised that depositing pesos in efectivo was a no no. But as long as I obtain a turno, cash withdrawals in USD have not been a problem. The fees for inbound USD are not objectionable. Each...
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    Need US legal documents, POA, notarized

    It seems the US Embassy under the quarantine restrictions does not offer notary services. What alternatives exist? Do I have an escribania witness my signature and leave it to the US attorney to get my signed docs apostilled? Anyone with any experience with US based online notaries...
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    Survey of Argentine views on Covid 19 and some science

    Check this out: Teorías de terraplanismo Inspirado en el sondeo del diario brasileño Floha de Sao Paulo, la encuesta de Zuban Córdoba incluyó preguntas sobre posturas calificadas como anticientíficas. El resultado fue inesperado: Un 12% de los argentinos consultados a nivel nacional afirmó...
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    regular metered airmail letter from US

    for what it is worth, letter from Boca Raton FL metered with 21 April date was received here in CABA 24 August. Just an observation, not a complaint or judgement. Good to know the mail seems to be moving.
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    CARES payments for US citizens lost cause if you are in Argentina?

    Very happy this lazy Yank got a stimulus payment via direct deposit to a US Bank. No mess, no fuss. Better late than never.
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    Forgot what I need to upload into RaDeX for DNI extranjero temporario renewal

    Today I became so confused with RaDeX I lost it. It would appear that with the extensions granted due to Covid -19, RaDeX just creates dead ends. I thought my 2nd renewal of DNI under Temporaria Extranjero would be doable, as I managed last year. Not so. Is RaDeX no longer operational?
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    We knew this, IMD has Argentina near the bottom of competitiveness

    This think tank based in Switzerland/Singapore conducts yearly rankings of business competitiveness. . Only 63 nations are ranked, not 195. So Malawi or Bhutan, Myanmar, or Cuba are not among the ranked...
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    Forgot what I need to upload into RaDeX for DNI extranjero temporario renewal

    I had an email exchange with a translator, who wrote that Colegio de Traductores is not open to legalize translations, and the date of resumption of a normal process is unknown. So I guess I will wait before I upload to RaDeX. Last year I did not need anything from the US Embassy, just the...
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    CARES payments for US citizens lost cause if you are in Argentina?

    Any Yanks had any success getting a CARES payment if you match this profile: A) receive SS retirement monthly to a US bank via direct deposit B) too poor to be required to file IRS forms in both 2018 amd 2019 ? I may not have the stomach to hunt down anything stuck in the mail.
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    Forgot what I need to upload into RaDeX for DNI extranjero temporario renewal

    Thanks for your help. I got my visa in the Argentine consulate in Chicago USA. They required the police check from my local Chief of Police, which I sent in 2018. For my second renewal (3rd DNI ) I hope nothing further than the Argentine visa attached to my passport will work. For my 1st...