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    Moving to BA next year.. Intern/Grad school?

    I am planning of moving to BA for at least a year or two next year and was interested in finding a possible internship or completing classes for grad school. Is this possible and if anyone could lead me in the right direction that would be amazing. Thanks.
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    Argentine and American citizenship benefits?

    What are the benefits of having dual citizenship? I currently have dual citizenship and would live to move to Argentina for a year or so. Is it easier to start a business? etc. :) Thanks.
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    Argentine women 18-22 relationship wise...

    Right on, yea thanks for the response. I have talked to plenty of cute girls, gotten a few phone numbers. But nothing came from it, prob. because I met them in a bar and said I was only staying for a few weeks. Well next year is when ill be prepared a little more.
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    Argentine women 18-22 relationship wise...

    How and where did you meet her? Speak spanish? Are you living in BA now with her? or did you move back to the US?
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    Argentine women 18-22 relationship wise...

    Hey guys, I am a 21 yr old college student and I have just got done with my travels to Argentina for a month. I am an Argentine american. 50/50. I love it there, and am planning on studying there next year for 6-7 months. I hate to be this descriptive in what I want, but I WANT an argentine...