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    Someone to play music with?

    I'm 23. I just got here a few weeks ago. I'll be here for awhile and I'm looking to find someone to play music with. I have been playing banjo for just over a year and am interested in playing folk, bluegrass, blues, country or anything in that realm. I'm interested in writing original songs...
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    Music Store?

    Thanks a lot. I went to Sarimient and found a ton of stores. The ones that didn't have what I was looking for were happy to point me in the right direction.
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    Music Store?

    I don't know where this thread should go so I just threw it in the Newcomers Forum, as I am new to the site. The reason for the post, however, is that I'm looking for a music store in (hopefully) Palermo. I need to find a place that sells banjo strings. Hopefully a harmonica in G too. Thanks.
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    Anyone interested in group Spanish class?

    I would be interested in this, but it would have to be after 6 or 7 pm, or on weekends.