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    So, I'm being sued by the cleaning lady..

    A student of mine who's a lawyer might be able to help you. He's a super nice guy and speaks great English. PM me if you want the number.
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    packages from US

    Here is the info in English from the AFIP site I order makeup online and have it sent here and I've yet to have a problem (knock on wood). I just make small orders 10-20 usd to stay under the limit. Also, I've noticed if things are sent USPS first...
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    Room for rent

    I am moving out of the place where I have been living for a year and I was wondering if there is anyone out there who needs a room. It is in a nice part of Belgrano and it includes everything, internet, phone, cable, ect. The price is 700 peso a month but it could go down depending on the...
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    Products With Formaldehyde

    I noticed that too!! Its even in toothpaste!!!
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    Does anyone know of place where I can do volunteer work? All of the places I have been to, want me to give them money or just don't return my e-mails. Thanks in advance, Veronica
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    Hi I read about this restaurant (Burmana Libertador 2101) in one of the articles and I was wondering how far away it is from the capital and what the cost for dinner is? Thanks in advance for the help!! Cheers, Veronica