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    Monthly Book Club Meeting

    Thank you, I know where to look for the monthly book. I hope I do not have a Body Corporate meeting that day, which is boring stuff. saludos Marit
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    Let's grab a sandwich! Monarca, Sep 1st, 8:30pm

    I´ll grab a sandwich. Marité
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    Horse Riding Lessons for kids?

    Hi could you give the address of the place in Cañuelas. Thank you Marité
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    Happy Hour for Argentines who relocated back to Buenos Aires after living abroad

    I also lived in Australia for 30 years and I live in Buenos Aires now. See you tomorrow. Marité
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    Good Real Estate Agent

    Try, in this page you only deal with owners. Probably someone has to assist you if you don´t speak Spanish. Good Luck viajera
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    Hospital Italiano Dentist

    I can recommend Dental System, a dental clinic staffed by highly skilled professionals. If you are a member of the Italiano you´ll get a special rate as they are part of the Italiano´s network Talcahuano 1134, view their homepage and get the phone number. Good luck Marité
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    Builder/ constructer recomendation in BA

    I would appreciate if you could give the contact numbers of the builder thanks