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    I never once said it was perfectly acceptable to make ugly generalizations about an entire country. It's simply not necessarily racism. It's bias, perhaps. It's prejudice, perhaps. It may be any number of other things, and all of those things may be odious. But it's still not racism unless...
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    Uncle Sam isn't raping anyone or anything. Talk to a woman who was really physically, sexually raped if you want to find out what "rape" really means.(Oh wait...don't tell me...the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Precision in Language has defined "rape" to mean any...
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    Last time I looked, the United Nations wasn't in the business of being the world's English language dictionary. That aside, this is an example of why the United Nations is held in such low esteem. To reach a consensus they had to satisfy everyone in the room, and now that definition of racial...
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    Retirement In BA

    Presumably you are in the Navy, yes? Well, you get a couple of small bennies here as a retired military person. First, you get APO privileges at the U.S. Embassy. There are some constraints, but by and large it's a good deal.Second, you can use Tricare Overseas Program (TOP) for your health...
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    Well, let's see...13 of the 17 definitions define racism in terms of race only. Three include ethnicity, but one of those was Wikipedia, which is far from being an authoritative reference. Another, "Colors," specifically says on their website that it is a work in progress, and not all...
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    Yeah, Jesus wept alright. He wept for those who use Wikipedia as some sort of authoritative reference (known as "stupidism"). Now let's look at a broader, more authoritative set of definitions...
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    It's not. Your own post, however, shows a rather profound ignorance of what "race" is.
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    Bringing electronic equipment into BA

    When I first moved here a couple of years ago, I flew in on two or three occasions with small suitcases loaded with electronics: laptops, routers, wireless access points, switches, etc. The most scrutiny I got was some customs agent at EZE asking me if I was a U.S. citizen.Can't guarantee...
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    US tax incentive (rebate)

    I scoured the IRS web site, and did a bunch of Googling, and could not find anything definitive. However, the IRS web site made it a point to explicitly include overseas U.S. possessions (e.g., Marianas Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam) under certain circumstances, so I'm inclined to believe that...
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    Bikram Yoga

    I believe you are correct: it is not an option.A friend of mine has been looking for a Bikram yoga studio here for almost two years. The closest she's been able to find is Santiago, Chile. Good luck.
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    JPMorgan to buy Bear for $2 a share

    As Baron Rothschild said, the time to invest in when blood is running in the streets. And we are nigh on there in the U.S.No need to go back to take advantage of it, though.
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    Galloping inflation

    Generally, when there is inflation, there are rises in both wages and prices. It's a spiral. Prices rise...workers demand higher wages...wages rise...etc. That's how the peso-earners will deal with it. And yeah, there are serious repercussions. This is why the Federal Reserve in the U.S...
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    Wholesale meats

    If you have the time and want to save a bit on meats -- beef, pork, chicken -- try going out to the wholesale meat district in Mataderos.You can take any number of buses. Just get off at around the 6300 block of Alberdi (esq. Cafayate) and walk southeast on Cafayate or Pilar a couple of blocks...
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    Galloping inflation

    A porteña friend of mine who's in her late-40s told me that, except for the period in the 90s when the peso was pegged 1-to-1 to the dollar, Argentina has been characterized by inflation for her entire life. Other porteños have essentially told me the same thing.Personally, I am not surprised...
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    Almond paste, where to find?

    If you find yourself in Recoleta, there are two places that might have it:One is a little shop at Libertad 1157 (between Santa Fe and Arenales) called "Diki."The other is a shop in a galeria just off Montevideo (between Santa Fe and Marceto T.) called Le Gout. The exact address is Montevideo...