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    Presbyterian Church Service In English

    san andres also have english servives the first sunday morning of every month.
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    Feeling The Cold Brrrr

    Hey victoria, where abouts in Pilar are you staying? I live just outside central Pilar with my argie husband. Maybe we could meet up some time for some coffee/tea?
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    Anyone Know About Barrio Cerrados And Life In Pilar?

    Pilar is basicly just a ton of barrio cerrados. There is a barrio for every need and wish. The schools are very good, and like the barrios there is a wide range. There are a few "shopping centres" like las palmas, which has jumbo, there is a carrefour and a walmart too in pilar. If you like...
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    Souveniers For Famiy And Friends In The Us.

    arg/spanish playing cards and teach everyone truco!
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    Fish And Chips?

    mmmmm do you think if you brought your own pizza they would deep fry it for you? and the other important question..... do they have chippie pickles????????
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    Some Balance Required From Some Forum Users...

    I think people are far more positive here than the average argentine.The comments and advice that I hear when they find out I'm an "ex-pat" can be generaly summed up into... "if I were you I wouldn't be here...."
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    Entering With An Australian Or English Passport

    there is no such thing as an english passport....... <_<
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    Doctor's Letter Needed For Gym?

    sport club require it too. I had to get a doctors note to go use the pool etc
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    Skyhawk Down

    er no.. she hires a private BRITISH jet "Despite a bitter war of words with London over the Falkland Islands, Kirchner's government is paying British air charter firm Chapman Freeborn $880,000 for the trip to Cuba, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Vietnam."...
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    Wearing A Suit In Ba?

    they dont wear suits for funerals either.. that one suprised me :/ there was a light drizzle and people were wearing jeans and rain boots/wellies. only time I've seen suits is at a wedding.
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    Kicillof Has A Bad Day - And He Deserves It!

    only in argentina do the dead have the right to vote: I blame them.....
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    Year Of The Snake Starts Feb 10

    does barrio chino do anything at chinese new year?
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    Best Mexican Food - Where?

    the mexican in pilar is beside the hilton hotel/las palmas. It's hidden around the back of the "let it be" bar, and it is excellent.
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    Commuting From Palermo To Pilar

    trebol also run private mini-buses from capital to pilar.
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    Great Chieftain O' The Pudding-Race!

    lol, doubtful. allthough I am attending a gathering of scots tonight to partake in some shortbread! yum